Bit Mining Global and Achieved a Business Partnership, Together to Accelerate Globalization

Place/Date: China, Chengdu - June 18th, 2019 at 6:30 pm UTC · 3 min read
Contact: R.R.Mine, Source: Chengdu Micro-Mine Technology Co.,Ltd.

Bit Mining Global and Achieved a Business Partnership, Together to Accelerate Globalization

On June 14, 2019, a cooperative MOU signing ceremony between Bit Mining Global and was held in Tokyo, Japan, to connect international hashpower investment market and help spread the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Wenjie Wu, founder and CEO of Micro-Mine &Bit Mining Global, Ken He, General Manager of Bit Mining Global, Ryo Nagaoka, President of Bit Mining Japan; Roger Ver, founder of; and Kazuyuki Hamada, chairman of China-Japan Blockchain Association attended the ceremony. Roger Ver and Wenjie Wu respectively made presentations of how profound and significant the joint event is.

Mr. Wu said:

“As both of us are striving for technological innovation, the partnership between Bit Mining and will inevitably trigger massive opportunities and create new values. With the strong support of our partners, we are more confident that we will contribute more than 10% of total network Bitcoin hashpower in the near future. I’m looking forward to working with Bitcoin to stimulate Bit Mining’s development and to achieve our ultimate goal: to facilitate mining Bitcoin for everyone.” is the premier source for everything Bitcoin related. can help the public buy bitcoin, or choose a bitcoin wallet. Visitors can also read the latest news, or engage with the community on the Bitcoin Forum. also has a mining pool, game portal site, and many other services. The suite of developer tools has been downloaded 36,000+ times from over 100 countries.

Bit Mining Global is an overseas service brand of Micro-Mine Technology Co., Ltd. As the leading mining farms and hashpower operation platform, it provides hashpower supplying and mining machines cloud services globally. Founded in 2018, Bit Mining Global devoted itself to cloud mining service which is targeted at customers from South Asia and South Korea.

Moreover, Customers who use the services also enjoy excellent tax benefits, this is especially true for middle and small-sized enterprises. Bit Mining, whose assets now is worth more than 18 billion Japanese Yen, becomes partner of mining companies all around the world, known as one of the fastest growing miner cloud service brands in the world.

Micro-Mine Technology, is a blockchain innovation company, it owns a series of technology and hashpower operation brands. Besides Bit Mining Global, Micro-Mine operates superior business brands including RenRen Mine (a hahsrate rental service) and Hash2One (a hashpower selling service in the Middle East). Micro-Mine has over 17 modernized and scaled mining farms, which generates abundant hashpower that are distributed globally.

If future cooperation between Bit Mining Global and move forward smoothly, the cooperation in technology and product fields will be limitless. Cooperative memo shows: Bit Mining will redirect its own hashpower to’s mining pool. One the other hand, what brings to Bit Mining Global is more than many active BTC believers, and more importantly, it means Bit Mining Global is fully recognized.

The signed cooperation intention will become an accelerator for the strategic layout of micro-mine globalization, which indicates that a new cooperation model of resource sharing, complementary advantages and cooperative development has been gradually processing. With the support of, Bit Mining Global will spare no effort to provide better services to users and even global users, laying a solid foundation for the expanding in global market.