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Bitcoin Alley Announces Release of its Bitcoin Exchange Services Across Europe with free $10 Bonus on Deposits

December 15th, 2020 at 10:41 am UTC · 4 min read

Bitcoin Alley Announces Release of its Bitcoin Exchange Services Across Europe with free $10 Bonus on Deposits

Instant Bitcoin exchange platform Bitcoin Alley has announced the start of its European operations. With Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dollar capability added and instant buying option available, the exchange will cater to the ever-rising demand of cryptocurrency buying/selling services across the two continents.

While 2020 is a year to forget for many because of the coronavirus pandemic and resulting lockdowns, it has resulted in many opportunities too. For example, the stock markets, delivery businesses and other online platforms like zoom saw record growth during this year. Because of less reliance on physical cash-based models, the fintech industry was also among the big gainers around the world. Bitcoin is part of this growing sector and perhaps the most significant cog in its wheel.

Bitcoin is not controlled by anyone, it is easy to be processed and verified, it has a limited supply that only gets added up mathematically and the best of all, the governments can’t manipulate it enough because of its effective decentralization efforts. This is why the sector has blossomed into significance much more this year and got accelerated the turn of events in this year.

The Need for Innovative Bitcoin Exchange Platforms

As the sector becomes more and more popular, the demand for owning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and its transactional ability is rising. People want to own these appreciating digital currencies but the current options available are limited and ineffective.

Introducing Bitcoin Alley

Bitcoin Alley provides a platform that is easy-to-use and universal in nature. You just register in a 2-3 step process, add your payment method and you are good to go. Through cutting-edge security measures, your dollar and cryptocurrency amounts are protected by the platform. Bitcoin Alley is not in a race to provide as many coins in its exchange as possible. Therefore, the only options right now are Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest coins currently available in the world with Litecoin in the works.

Now most of the old and new entrants in the market are looking for easy ways to first buy Bitcoin and then possibly Ethereum directly from their fiat cash. Most of the rest of the coins are only traded on exchanges and tend to be more volatile than the more premier coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. For example, recently when Bitcoin dropped 15% against the USD, smaller coins like DASH, ADA, NEM, etc lost more than 25-30% of their value. So, if you are looking to start dealing in cryptocurrencies and want to own them, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum is always a great idea.

Bonus on Every Deposit

Regular exchanges charge a deposit fee on their platforms which is annoying especially if you are starting to invest in the sector with relatively smaller amounts. Rather than charging a fee for every deposit, Bitcoin Alley is instead giving free crypto on the first deposit. $10 worth of Bitcoin is instantly credited to your account once you make your first purchase of Bitcoin or credit your Bitcoin Alley account directly with Bitcoin.

Low Fees

If you wish to transact between the three currently available currencies at Bitcoin Alley, you can do so instantaneously. There are some conversion fees but they are quite lower than the market and it will make these currency swaps easier on the wallet and thus encourage you to alternate between the two cryptocurrencies and the USD effectively.

Clients based in Europe and USA can now buy/sell/exchange the top two cryptocurrencies effectively with Bitcoin Alley. Register now and earn the sign up bonus. More exciting things are on the way.

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