Bitcoin Jumps to ATH Days after Simpsons Predict BTC Infinity Status

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Bitcoin Jumps to ATH Days after Simpsons Predict BTC Infinity Status
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The Simpsons have ignited discussions around Bitcoin again. This time, the 31-year-animated sitcoms showed the digital asset going to infinity. Will they be right about this?

The Simpsons are famous for accurate Bitcoin price predictions. Most recently predicting Trump‘s presidency, the Game of Thrones series finale and tech innovations such as video calls and smartwatches. On Sunday’s show an episode titled “Crazy Cash”, the cartoon show featured Bitcoin. The characters were involved in the stock market and as they look at the performance of their stock, the Bitcoin (BTC) ticker is visible. It is clear that it is in green with an infinity symbol.

Other notable price predictions shown in the episode include GameStop going to $1 trillion, the value of the US dropping by a quarter-point, and Tesla: “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it.”

Simpsons: Bitcoin Is the Cash of the Future

This is the first in 2021, and the second in its time the show has mentioned Bitcoin. Early last year, the show featured Bitcoin. Actor Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory was a guest star and helped explain what Bitcoin is and how blockchain works. Although Parsons went as far as calling Bitcoin the cash of the future, there was a joke text that appeared. It wrote that it “can be generated by fiat like traditional currency or just thrown around randomly or all given to LeBron.” At the time, Bitcoin was struggling and this appearance was celebrated by bulls with a moderate price gain.

While infinity is still a long way to come, some of the most audacious predictions have been $1 million for a single Bitcoin. This or Bitcoin replacing the current money system entirely.

Bitcoin Set New ATH

Since Simpson’s episode aired, Bitcoin has climbed back above $60K. Notably, this time it has found support above this. At the time of press, the largest cryptocurrency has set a new all-time high above $62.5K. Its market cap is now pushing towards $1.2 trillion. market analysts have noted that the latest move validates their $100K prediction before the end of the year.

Bitcoin has started Q2 strong. Though Q1 saw the digital asset double in price and heavily accumulated by institutions, it closed it dull. The performance this week is likely to be credited to Coinbase direct listing expected on Wednesday. Most analysts have hailed the event as a major milestone in the industry. It has further been viewed as an investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the Bitcoin frenzy without having to buy Bitcoin.

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