Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform 2022: GHS on the Radar

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Bitcoin Cloud Mining Platform 2022: GHS on the Radar
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The digital currency ecosystem has slipped into a crypto winter as confirmed by the price of Bitcoin (BTC) which dropped to its 18-month low of $20,178.38 and a combined market capitalization of around $891 billion.

It is worthy of note that the Crypto Winter is a product of the broader economic outlook that is plagued with inflation, declining earnings, and job losses. Amidst these harsh realities, individuals around the world, particularly those in the digital currency ecosystem are exploring an alternative income source.

With crypto trading largely uncertain and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) opportunities looking bleak in the short term, Bitcoin mining comes off as the next viable alternative. However, mining Bitcoin requires intensive capital and technical know-how, one that many do not have. This is where GHS Mining comes in.

GHS mining is a crypto cloud mining outfit that lets anyone, anywhere in the world rent a miner online and earn a passive income. The concept of cloud mining is not new, and GHS mining comes off as one of the startups that is helping to lower the barriers of entry that have been placed there by traditional or legacy mining models respectively.

A Good Peek Into GHS Mining

GHS Mining makes industrial cloud mining accessible to everyone. It brandishes a highly user-friendly interface that can easily be navigated either by someone new to the cryptocurrency industry or by professional cloud miners or investors.

Getting started with the GHS cloud mining service is as simplified as its promises to get everyone aboard the Bitcoin mining bandwagon. Users will need to fill out a form where certain details that will help set up their accounts will be requested. These data are not invasive and the platform operates a very strict data security policy that will help safeguard every customer getting onboard.

After the form is filled, the prospective cloud miner will then have full access to the platform and will be able to rent a miner with just a simple click. The renting of GHS Miners comes with a fee that is defined prior to the actual renting contracts and they are active for defined durations also.

Earnings from GHS mining can be accessed at any time of day and the funds are sent directly to the miner’s wallets immediately after request. GHS mining offers a relatively accessible platform and users can access customer service help whenever it is needed.

Amongst the other top advantages of pitching tents with GHS Mining are the access to multiple contracts and a very detailed earnings calculator that can help prospective investors accurately check what amount they will like to invest and the profits they will receive at the end of each contract tenor.

GHS Mining Plans

GHS Cloud Mining service offers four distinct investment plans which include Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The Bronze is priced at $0.012 for each GH/s and returns as much as 143% for the entire duration of the contract. Silver is priced at $0.0113 for each GH/s with a potential return of 149%. The plans get better with Gold at $0.0109 at 156% return for the mining duration and the best of the plans, Platinum can be accessed at $0.0106 for each GH/s and grants all subscribers the highest returns which are tailored based on demand.

The Bronze, Silver, and Gold plans can be accessed through the platform while the Platinum offer can only be accessed by contacting support.

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