Bitcoin Edges Donald Trump, Guns to Top American Google Trends List

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Bitcoin Edges Donald Trump, Guns to Top American Google Trends List
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The Google trends data also gave a deeper insight into the American states where curiosity about Bitcoin is highest.

America’s interest in Bitcoin (BTC) has risen remarkably over the past couple of weeks, per recent Google trends data. Surprisingly, the development comes at a time when political discussions and entertainment appear to be the order of the day in the US. Recall that the name of former US president Donald Trump has been on every American lip since news broke about his possible arrest. Nonetheless, Bitcoin now holds one over him for being the most Googled term in the United States. This is according to data obtained in line with search volume comparison based on Ahrefs.

Google Trends Show Americans’ Interest in Bitcoin Is Surging

Per the data, queries related to search terms such as “bitcoin”, “why is bitcoin going up”, and “bitcoin mines” are all seeing a sharp increase. And a few hours ago, the search term “bitcoin” eventually reached the top Google Trends score of 100. However, that’s because the BTC price eventually crossed the $30,000 mark, representing more than a 70% gain since 2023 began.

Some of the related topics pertain to  MicroStrategy’s (NASDAQ: MSTR) recent purchase of Bitcoin, and the significant surge in its stock price.

Meanwhile, the Google trends data also gave a deeper insight into states in America where curiosity about Bitcoin is highest. As it turns out, California, Nevada, and Florida hold the joint top spot for the “most Bitcoin-curious state” in the United States. And, expectedly so, given that these states enjoy considerably lower taxes while their local governments also promote initiatives that support innovation.

To put the above statement into perspective,  Nevada, for instance,  is known to be a “gaming hub”. So much so, that its long-standing friendliness to gaming has allowed interest in Bitcoin to blossom.

Some other increasingly-popular terms being searched by Americans include “Donald Trump”, which comes in second position on the log. It should be noted that Google searches for Donald Trump only surpassed that of Bitcoin for two days in the past month. That is between April 4 and 5. Searches for “breaking news” take up the third spot, as Elvis Presley and Disney World complete the top 5.

Surprisingly, however, terms such as “guns” and “Chuck Norris” which were once popular terms did not even make the top ten.

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