Bitcoin Companies Engage theAudience to Launch Education Campaign on Bitcoin

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by Zhanna Lyasota · 2 min read
Bitcoin Companies Engage theAudience to Launch Education Campaign on Bitcoin
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The Bitcoin Foundation partners with Bitcoin companies BitFury, BitGo, Tally Capital, ChangeTip to join theAudience with the aim of educating businesses, customers, and society about Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin Foundation has recently announced a cooperation with Bitcoin companies BitFury, BitGo, Tally Capital, ChangeTip, and Bitcoin Foundation lifetime member Bruce Fenton to join theAudience, one of the world’s largest multi-channel publishers of social and digital content, that will release a various social and traditional media campaign to educate businesses, customers, and society about Bitcoin.

“As the ecosystem matures, Bitcoin companies are stepping up to the plate. We’re excited to join a coordinated and concentrated effort to teach Bitcoin to the world’s almost 3 billion internet users – two-thirds of which are from the developing world,” said Brock Pierce, Director of the Bitcoin Foundation.

BitFury, one of the biggest bitcoin mining infrastructure providers, is involved with the design and build of semiconductors for their mining data centers that process bitcoin transactions. They have over 60 staff worldwide with offices in Amsterdam and San Francisco.

Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury, commented on the side of leading Bitcoin companies that engaged efforts to increase public awareness of Bitcoin:

“We are passionate about Bitcoin and the highly disruptive technology of blockchain which will have the social, cultural and technological impact on society as the Internet did starting 20 years ago. We selected theAudience for their ability to effectively communicate impactful stories. We trust in their ability to convey our passion, belief in the genius behind the blockchain and determination to bring the benefits of the Bitcoin and blockchain to the world.”

theAudience enables brands to participate in popular culture at massive scale, syndicating content to over a billion consumers globally.

“Bitcoin offers incredible benefits for humanity. We’re digital storytellers and want to help Bitcoin companies convey the positive change they’re capable of bringing to the world — from new fraud-proof voting mechanisms, to affordable remittance payments, to banking services for the disenfranchised,” commented Oliver Luckett, co-founder of theAudience.

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