Bitcoin IRA Crosses $4,000,000 Milestone and Launches Bitcoin Bull Watch

Place/Date: - February 2nd, 2017 at 9:52 pm UTC · 2 min read
Source:, the first and only bitcoin-based retirement investment company, today announced opening accounts worth over $4 Million. Due to Bitcoin’s growing popularity among investors looking at retirement solutions, the firm has decided to launch ‘Bitcoin Bull Watch’, a weekly report on Bitcoin Market Analysis.

Edmund C Moy, Former Director of United States Mint and the Chief Strategist for Bitcoin IRA, has developed the report so that readers have an in-depth understanding of the Bitcoin market and its dynamics.

During his tenure as the Director of United States Mint, Mr. Moy saw the highest quantity of Gold minted by the United States Mint. He strongly believes that Bitcoin belongs in investor’s retirement accounts. This weekly report will not only educate retirement investors but will also help the public understand the deeper dynamics of the bitcoin ecosystem.

“The first edition of “Bitcoin Bull Watch” opines about how minimal China’s impact is on Bitcoin prices in the long run and makes the case that adoption is the only key factor influencing the price.”

Edmund C. Moy, Chief Strategist for Bitcoin IRA

About Bitcoin IRA

Bitcoin IRA is the only bitcoin-based retirement investment portfolio that allows people to invest with actual bitcoins for their IRA or 401(k). The platform works with leading fintech professionals to provide secure, high-quality bitcoin investments.

Bitcoin IRA offers both traditional and Roth IRA options, which offer the same tax incentives as regular IRAs and 401(k)s. The company differentiates itself from other bitcoin investment products in multiple ways. Unlike Bitcoin ETFs and investment funds, Bitcoin IRA offers an opportunity for individuals to invest in “real” Bitcoin at a much lower fee. In addition, investors keep total control over their bitcoin deposits, with no holding fees and the ability to withdraw once the term is over.

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