One of the First Bitcoin Miners Calls Craig Wright a Fraud

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One of the First Bitcoin Miners Calls Craig Wright a Fraud
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An early Bitcoin (BTC) miner has signed a cryptographic message with 145 wallet addresses containing unspent UTXOs calling Craig Wright (CSW) a fraud and a liar.

Satoshi’s ghost is rising again. Well, probably not but the interesting thing is that today the message came signed by 145 wallets containing Bitcoin (BTC) mined in its first years and subsequently calling Craig Wright a “liar and a fraud.” However, it seems that it’s not Satoshi Nakamoto, who sent the message but the addresses are written are more than obvious in the ownership of the person broadcasting the message.

The message says:

“Craig Steven Wright is a liar and a fraud. He doesn’t have the keys used to sign this message. The Lightning Network is a significant achievement. However, we need to continue work on improving on-chain capacity. Unfortunately, the solution is not to just change a constant in the code or to allow powerful participants to force out others.”

However, we already wrote that all of the addresses can be found among the list of thousands claimed by Craig Wright in the case against Ira Kleiman. Wright then has denied in court he has access to the private keys to the addresses. Recently someone moved 50 Bitcoins from one address to another and Wright, you’re guessing right, said proudly it was him. However, there is a catch. If he moved the 50 BTC that would mean he was lying in the court. On the other hand if it is someone else who transferred the coins, that would mean that this address is not his, again leaving him in a potentially sticky legal situation.

How Will Wright Prove He’s a Bitcoin Creator Now?

The case itself rests entirely on the presumption that Wright is a real Satoshi, which would entitle Ira Kleiman to half of those Bitcoin mined.

But yet, we have to remember that Wright has already been charged with deception and faking documents, and this early miners’ activity put him in a tough situation if he decides to continue to claim that he is Satoshi.

It is becoming ever more obvious that Wright has no access to those coins, which would abolish this case, set to enter trial on July 6.

Wright has on multiple occasions failed to produce proof of ownership of the alleged fortune of Satoshi Nakamoto, for whom people believe he has mined more than one million BTC.

An easy way of doing so is by signing a message with the cryptographic private key of the wallet in question, which can be checked with the public key.

Given that Wright tried to avoid every situation where he would have been forced to convince public (and the court for that matter) that he is the owner of said addresses, a lot of community members doubt (with a reason) that he owns those Bitcoins, and that he’s Satoshi Nakamoto.

The signed message has some analogy with a 2015 message coming from Satoshi’s email address, saying “I am not Craig Wright. We are all Satoshi.”

While the first part of the new statement reiterates the same point, the message then shows an opinion on the debates that have been devastating Bitcoin before Bitcoin Cash (BCH) came into its own chain.

The blocks mined by this John Doe fall above the classic Satoshi matrix, which is the basis behind the claim that Satoshi mined more than 1 million BTC. Be it as it may, we cannot be absolutely sure in determining which blocks are Satoshi’s and which are someone else’s. It could be the case where we see the likeliness to be a kind of a tribute to the purported Satoshi message.

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