If You Think Bitcoin Is the Only Crypto That Will Survive FTX, Tora Inu Might Shock You!

December 14th, 2022 at 1:00 pm UTC · 4 min read

If You Think Bitcoin Is the Only Crypto That Will Survive FTX, Tora Inu Might Shock You!
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According to Jeff Booth, a proponent of Bitcoin and author of the book, The Price of Tomorrow, the demise of FTX and several other centralized finance platforms in 2022 confirms the theory that the majority of the crypto ecosystem will ultimately collapse due to its centralization with the exception of Bitcoin’s BTC.

Booth thinks that centralized crypto platforms like FTX and Celsius have just mimicked the problems of the current financial system. In an exclusive interview with Cointelegraph, Booth stated that “all of crypto is trying to reconstruct a financial system that we currently have based on manipulation and centralization.”

Even decentralized banking networks, which aim to offer a peer-to-peer, trustless alternative to established financial services, according to him, are doomed to failure because they are based on protocols that trade security and decentralization in favor of scale.

According to Booth, only Bitcoin is still decentralized and safe enough to serve as the foundation of the next generation of financial systems. He stated that the entire crypto ecosystem would go to zero besides Bitcoin.

Tora Inu

A supply and demand squeeze is produced by the meme and reward token $TORA. Both a burnout of circulation mechanism and a reward redistribution to holders are features of the token. Users may compete against their Tora Inu NFTs for the chance to win an extra $TORA in Tora Inu’s many P2E games and upcoming metaverse integration.

Your Tora will develop with you in the metaverse as it becomes stronger over time it can grant more rewards. You may feed it, accompany it to the gym, or even take it on a stroll.

Tora Inu organizes to bring their NFTs to the market of the P2E skill-based game. There are also little arcade games available, such as puzzles, racing, and sporting events. The prizes in the skill-based game Thora Inu play to earn will come directly from other players who have staked Tora Inu ($TORA) into a pool in order to be eligible to win rather than from liquidity or reserves.

The cryptocurrency sector is booming thanks to Tora Inu.

Despite the intense bearish pressure on the market, Tora Inu is creating waves in the meme coin space. Investors flock to the TORA presale to purchase the modern meme coin that combines a fair and enjoyable play-to-earn platform with straightforward deflationary tokenomics. Investors feel confident investing in the token because of the well-thought-out ideas on the roadmap.

The foundation for investors’ confidence is laid by sound planning.

Tora Inu inspires investor faith with its well-thought-out roadmap objectives, which helps the company stay in the headlines despite the awful market conditions. Investors may feel relieved knowing that the Tora Inu team has followed a rigorous KYC procedure with CoinSniper and that SolidProof has examined their contracts. Investors no longer need to be concerned about meme coin presale frauds as a consequence.

Investors may feel confident investing their hard-earned money thanks to the detailed roadmap provided by the Tora Inu team, which serves as proof of their competence. The roadmap explains how the company intends to advance Tora Inu in the meme coin market with a massive marketing effort and a flawless CEX push. The crew knows that to reach the heights of giants such as Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, the project needs a big community of investors and persistent purchasing pressure for a meme coin.

Therefore, one of the objectives of Tora Inu’s roadmap is to launch a marketing campaign. To attract a large user base, they want to advertise the TORA token on some of the most well-known crypto publications on the market. The team is also supported by several top-tier venture investors, and they have expertise in marketing on all social media channels, including Telegram, Twitter, and Facebook. Investors anticipate that Tora Inu will receive a lot of attention on these well-known platforms as a consequence.

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