Bitcoin.Org Hit by Massive DDoS Attack

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Bitcoin.Org Hit by Massive DDoS Attack
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The crypto proponent website has experienced a DDoS attack that comes a week later after a UK court had decreed the website to stop hosting BTC white paper.

The website owner Cobra officially reported on Twitter that had been hit by a serious DDoS attack. The attack comes with a ransom demand of BTC. The amount has not been disclosed by Cobra. Due to this, the website has endured temporary inaccessibility and has denied its usual services to the people who are trying to utilize the website for crypto news and information.

The website remains blocked currently and has stopped working altogether after the sudden DDoS attack. Down after Suffering a Heavy DDoS Attack

The website owner-operated under the pseudonym Cobra had issued statements on Twitter about how massive attacks like these were manageable back in the day but now have become extremely volatile and can completely make a website nonfunctional in moments. The pseudonymous further commented on Twitter about how such attacks do not provide additional time to “fight” and make you do things at will.

The website has been jeopardized before in a similar fashion which had made the website inaccessible for a considerable amount of time. The activity has caused a bit of stir in the media and has led to many speculations as it is quite rare for websites like to endure such attacks as the website does not host any important user data or details about vital funds. It is a simple website that concerns the growing crypto, blockchain, and bitcoin proceedings.

Apart from, websites like Binance, OKEx, and Bitfinex have also suffered massive DDoS attacks previously. It has been a commonality that such attacks have been made to cause substantial harm to the image of these crypto exchanges rather than the intention to seek valuable crypto information about user data or funds. earlier has also been a target of legal threats posed by Craig Wright, the man who claims that he had invented Bitcoin. The UK court had established a ruling stating that the website will not host bitcoin white paper. The order received no further defense from Cobra as a BTC website owner.

After the court ruling proceeded, the website halted all its operations in terms of blocked access to download Bitcoin Core Software for any UK-based IP links. The website had also stopped the white paper hosting facility as well.

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