Bitcoin Outshines Other Assets with Massive Returns Over Past Years

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Bitcoin Outshines Other Assets with Massive Returns Over Past Years
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Bitcoin stands above all the other assets with an average annualized return of 230%.

Bitcoin has managed to outperform all other assets with its incredible growth over the past ten years, becoming the best performing asset per the recent data.

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, Bitcoin’s massive market performance helped surged the leading cryptocurrency above all other assets. With more to come, Bitcoin has made itself popular globally, setting its market as one of the best sought-out markets by investors seeking financial resort as markets worldwide faced significant challenges due to the pandemic.

According to reports, a study on the data was made by CEO and founder of Compound Capital Advisors’, Charlie Bilello, who was said to be intrigued by the top cryptocurrency’s achievement. Bilello was able to use the Ycharts to collate the performances of the top asset classes.

Bilello noted that Bitcoin stands above all the other assets by a significant amount with an average annualized return of 230%. Bitcoin trailed the second on the asset data list with a vast gap by more than ten times.

The US Nasdaq 100 Index took a second position by posting an annualized return of 20%. From the Ycharts data, the best year for the top cryptocurrency was 2013, skyrocketing above 5507%. Bitcoin has been busy this year, striking new records for weeks now. Bitcoin saw a loss in only two years over the decade, thus a 58% loss in 2014 and a 74% loss in 2018.

Bitcoin and Other Assets

The data also portrayed that just after the US total bond market, which had an annualized return of 3.3%, was Gold, which many believed its a pivotal competitor to Bitcoin throughout the decade. However, the data proved that since 2011, Gold had only made a mere 1.5% in annualized returns. Many analysts and researchers find Gold’s inadequate performance through the years in contrast with Bitcoin quite outrageous.

Investors opting out of Gold due to its lousy valuation as an alternative currency bolds well for Bitcoin, looking at how colossal Gold’s financial investment is. Analysts say Bitcoin competition between the two commodities is getting bigger and better, stating that Bitcoin, from all indications, is positioning itself as the Gold of the future.

Bitcoin last Saturday hit an all-time high of over $60,300. As per data from Coinmarketcap, Bitcoin has dropped a little to $57,655 with a market cap of $1.08 trillion.

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