Popular Bitcoin Time-Travelling Reddit Post Was Mysteriously Edited

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Popular Bitcoin Time-Travelling Reddit Post Was Mysteriously Edited
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An old Reddit post which “predicted” nothing but darkness and gloom for the near-future of the Bitcoin world was mysteriously edited.

Some think it’s interesting while others consider it spooky but regardless of whether or not there’s a general consensus, everyone agrees that there’s something interesting or fishy happening on Reddit.  A very ominous post published a few years ago has now been edited by an unknown user and edited that’s generally supposed to be impossible.

Six years ago, a Redditor simply going by u/Luka_Magnotta, published on the Bitcoin subreddit r/Bitcoin, what is probably the most gloomy Bitcoin future anyone has or will ever read. Writing from the perspective of a time traveler who has seen the way the world would look in 2025, the Redditor described a dystopian future where governments no longer exist because they are unable to tax Bitcoin transactions. The general tone of the message is basically to warn people from becoming a part of the gloom in the future.

“I am sending this message from the year 2025. Things are looking bleak here, and some of you will carry blood on your hands. If you don’t believe me, please move on, as I have no way of proving to you I’m really who I claim to be.”

While the entire post seems extremely far-fetched and even like something from a Hollywood script, a new turn of events is currently surprising Redditors as the same post has now been edited to make it look like the same user decided to come back and continue their anti-Bitcoin campaign.

The edit tries to sway people away from Bitcoin by pointing out the enormous power consumption required to run the Bitcoin network, as a strong enough reason to abandon it. It specifically says Bitcoin does not qualify as an investment and instead should only be “recognized as a speculative negative-sum game.”

Pointing out that Bitcoin consumes an average of $3.6 billion in power charges every year just for “solving an abstract math problem that is designed to get continually more difficult”, the post suggests that the ecological damage on the environment runs afoul of all efforts to reduce the world’s carbon emissions, and therefore should be abandoned.

“The Bitcoin developers responsible for updating the protocol appear to have no genuine intention to introduce code changes that reduce the ecological damage caused by Bitcoin mining, so my suggestion has to be to sell your Bitcoins, which indirectly has the effect of reducing the ecological damage caused by Bitcoin mining.”

The reason why some think its spooky and others at least think it’s noteworthy, is that the u/Luka_Magnotta username has been banned for a few years now and is supposed to be normally unable to come back and edit a post. Some have also suggested that the edit is the direct hand work of one of the moderators. However, according to an r/Bitcoin moderator, as quoted by the sources, the account was never banned by any r/Bitcoin moderators “and such site-wide actions can only be performed by Reddit site administrators.”

Further explaining, the moderator said that there are a number of reasons an account could have been flagged and disable, but there is still the possibility that Reddit will allow the account holder to go back and edit past posts, depending on the disabling technique used by Reddit admins.

Regardless, if you’re a fan of conspiracy theories, 2025 is only a few years away.

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