Bitcoin Price Prediction is $100K, But AiDoge Can Give Higher ROI

May 4th, 2023 at 5:09 am UTC · 8 min read

Bitcoin Price Prediction is $100K, But AiDoge Can Give Higher ROI

Bitcoin stepped into 2023 at a modest price of $16.55K. But it has gone on multiple rallies since then, and stands at $28,525.32 now. Although the disastrous crypto winter of 2022 forced many to believe that the market is beyond redemption, it has continuously proven them wrong. And BTC is at the forefront of these bull runs that revived interest in cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects in general.

According to top industry analysts, $100K is not a long shot for BTC if it manages to maintain its momentum and break past $35K. As BTC brings aboard new crypto investors, seasoned investors are flocking to the trending AiDoge presale that can potentially generate 100X returns on its exchange listing.

Bitcoin Price – What Experts Say

According to Standard Chartered analyst Geoff Kendrick, Bitcoin could hit $100,000 by the end of 2024. The collapse of the banking industry catalyzes the interest in BTC and altcoins. Investors who have lost faith in centralized institutions find BTC’s trustlessness and scarcity attractive.

Kendrick noted in a new report:

“While sources of uncertainty remain, we think the pathway to the USD 100,000 level is becoming clearer.”

Given that stablecoins are losing their pegs, blue-chip cryptos like Ethereum and BTC will be increasingly used for business transactions. They will be a better and profitable store of value when compared to stablecoins.

Crypto analyst Charles Edwards, the founder of Capriole Investments, reveals a bullish pattern developing for Bitcoin. Titled “bump and run,” the pattern emerges when an asset’s price takes a steep slip and then heads back to a trend line. A sustained bull run is on the horizon for the asset if it manages to cross the hurdle. For BTC, it was $22,000. Although the pattern is not clear about how far the bull run will go, $100,000 is a realistic target, according to Edwards. Blockstream CEO Adam Beck has also revised his BTC price prediction to $100,000.

The decorrelation of Bitcoin with the US stock market will ease the asset’s gradual hike to $100,000. We are beginning to see signs of that. Another factor that will support the price of BTC is the declining interest in DeFi.

More crypto analysts are re-evaluating their Bitcoin price predictions in 2023. While BTC won’t hit $100,000 in a year, it can cross its all-time high of $68,789.63 soon if the market conditions continue to be favorable.

AiDoge Will be Bigger

Meme coins have a way of seizing the crypto market unlike anything else. They are highly volatile with the potential to turn your meager savings into a fortune in a fortnight. For example, Dogecoin has generated a lifetime ROI of 13894.34%. Shiba Inu has taken an even bigger leap generating a lifetime ROI of 619015.42%.

But of course, it’s not realistic to expect these meme coins to give these ROIs again. They already have massive market caps in the billions. Instead, you should invest in emerging meme coins that can replicate their performance.

The latest meme coin to capture the market is AiDoge – the native crypto of the meme generation platform of the same name which is running a sizzling hot presale now at heavily discounted prices.

Bitcoin Price Prediction is $100K, But AiDoge Can Give Higher ROI

The flock of investors to the presale can be explained by the meme coin’s unique use case leveraging AI. It allows you to generate memes within minutes by just entering a text prompt. Anyone, regardless of their technical know-how in AI and Web 3.0, can use the presale to turn their vague ideas into memes that can go viral. AiDoge makes this possible by feeding massive datasets of memes and crypto news to train the algorithm. As a result, the memes are not only creative and funny, but also time relevant.

The engaging features of AiDoge hint at the massive meme coin explosion in the pipeline. In fact, the AiDoge presale has crossed the $1M mark within days of going live. It is the next big meme coin with a 100X potential.

AI, Memes, and Meme Coins – AiDoge Has the Perfect Recipe for the Next 100X Explosion

AiDoge brings the three hottest trends of the internet under one umbrella. While AI domination was thought to be a dystopian fantasy by most, ChatGPT brought AI to every household. The platform’s accessible use case changed the way we understood AI. We are now more curious than ever to learn its diverse aspects and how it can bring more efficiency to our everyday life and work.

Bitcoin Price Prediction is $100K, But AiDoge Can Give Higher ROI

AiDoge steps into this fertile market with virality in mind. It doesn’t settle for the hype around AI, but has decided to take it to its peak with memes. Everyone loves memes. Even your grumpy uncle, if it tickles the right bones.

How many times have you looked at a viral meme and wondered if you can create one based on your experiences, but is also widely relatable? AiDoge simplifies the process for you. Don’t worry about finding that perfect image or caption to capture your idea. The platform’s advanced meme generator does all the work and gives you a ready-to-publish meme within seconds.

A Fun Way to Make Side Income

You spend a lot of time scrolling memes. Why not turn your passion for memes into an excellent source of side income? With AiDoge’s meme-to-earn reward system, you can. It is designed to fuel creativity by incentivizing top memesters

This is how it works. Popular memes generated using the AiDoge meme generator will be publicly displayed on a virtual wall. You too can hang your memes here for anyone to see, have a laugh, and take inspiration from. It is an excellent place to discover the hottest new memes that belong to different niches. The platform provides you with different filters to navigate the wall and search efficiently.

Visitors to the virtual gallery of memes can cast votes for their favorite memes. Based on that, meme creators will enter the monthly leaderboard. At the end of each month, creators of the memes that received the highest votes are rewarded with $AI tokens. As the platform onboards more visitors, the prize pool will increase, along with the competition. High engagement translates to high-quality memes as it motivates creators to think outside the box.

The leaderboard is revised every month so that new creators have a chance to prove their worth and climb to the top of the ladder.

Aidogecrypto Twitter post, May 3, 2023:

We’ve got some great news for you, #AiDogeArmy! 🔥

We have reached $1M in our #Presale raise!💰🚀

Thank you to all our $AI supporters and future Creators!🙏🏼👀🎬

Don’t miss out on stage 2 of the presale!🌟🗳️

The Market is Hungry for Fun Crypto Use Cases

If you’re tired of the same old DeFi and gaming crypto projects, you’re not alone. The quick cash-making schemes lack quality, which in turn affects their long-term stability. Most crypto projects fail to take off as a result.

The fast-moving presale of $AI shows that the market is hungry for diverse applications. Although $AI taps into the meme coin hype to build more exposure around its unique product, it stands out on its own. One of the key highlights of the platform is its virality – that is the ability to go viral and become a global phenomenon.


Because memes are viral. As AiDoge memes go viral, so will the AiDoge meme generator, fueling the demand for $AI tokens. Who wouldn’t want to try their hands on the application and become the author of the next viral meme?

The platform is designed to inspire all memers to step up their memes with a new level of creativity, quality, and not to mention, speed. More importantly, it brings aboard new memers. Debut memers can turn their vague ideas into memes within minutes on the platform. And it challenges veteran memers to outdo themselves, now that they have the perfect tool they have been waiting for at their fingertips.

AiDoge Awaits a Triple-Digit Explosion

We have seen plenty of meme coins explode in the past with double-digit and triple-digit explosions. Being a new entrant with a tiny initial capital, AiDoge has a larger room for growth when compared to meme coin legends like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin. It also has a competitive advantage against peers like Pepe Coin, which are explicitly clear about having no plans to be ‘useful’.

Although speculation will drive the price of $AI initially and most investors will join the presale for its explosive potential, they will hold the token for its fun utility and long-term growth. In essence, $AI won’t be a bubble waiting to burst. It is likely to retain the 100X value and attain further growth toward the end of the year.

$AI’s primary utility is meme generation. The secondary utilities are rewarding top memers. It will be distributed as daily credits to users for meme generation. Creators of the most-loved memes of a month will get more attractive prize pools.

If you couldn’t onboard the Shiba Inu and Dogecoin craze when they were ripe, it’s not too late. AiDoge presale is the next gateway to a 100X explosion. Make sure you buy the token early as the presale is moving at a meteoric pace, having crossed the $1M milestone already. And the earlier you join the presale, the higher the discounts.

Bitcoin Price Prediction is $100K, But AiDoge Can Give Higher ROI

The exchange listing price of $AI is fixed at $0.00003360. In other words, early investors can bag a 29.3% profit even before trading goes live.

Buy AiDoge.

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