BitcoinSalaries Shows How Much Your Favorite Celebrities Make in Bitcoin

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BitcoinSalaries Shows How Much Your Favorite Celebrities Make in Bitcoin
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Are you a cryptocurrency as well as a sports enthusiast? Then this real-time salary converter is here for you. The BitcoinSalaries tool estimates the annual stipends of these famous entertainers had they gone all in.

As cryptocurrency and blockchain technology goes viral, more and more technologies are born with regards to this neoteric currency. Then again the question of a tool that allows for the deployment of salaries for further conversion just like an online calculator, becomes pertinent. Recently BitcoinSalaries was launched.

BitcoinSalaries is real-time salary converter designed specifically to outsource payment data statistics of seasoned athletes as well as a few other celebrities such as 50 cents. The service converts them into Bitcoin on a yearly basis with respect to the current exchange rates.

The platform allows for the registration and assessment of Celebrities’ salary valuations within the sporting and entertainment sphere including; Soccer, NFL (Football), Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, F1-Racing, Boxing, Movie Stars and Singers.

This crypto assessment site is not just one that converts salaries but also has a dedicated “into crypto” section that specifies whether or not any of these celebrities had been involved with cryptocurrencies in the past. If yes, it would provision a clickable “Story” tab where you could further read on about their various engagements with these digital tokens.

For instance on the platform certain celebrities such as American Rapper, Singer and Songwriter – 50 cents, has his story tab active. That goes on to spell out his $8 milion dollar ROI (Return on Investment) when he allowed his fans to purchase his ’Animal Ambition’ album with Bitcoin back in 2014.

Amongst the most notable features of the platform is a type-form in the guise of a third-party link, that allows users not to only view but also register favorite celebrities if they don’t already exist on the platform. As there are only 50 entrants, the site permits for more entries via its external typeform link (though at present it’s set to private).

The BitcoinSalaries site was surprisingly designed with a “No Code” web development tools as disclosed by the Architect of the BitcoinSalaries conversion online app – Menajem Benchimol. Even though it comes as no surprise to conventional web app developers since the site ships in with some discrepancies as the typeform’s database updating ability is as of the time of writing, been shut off together with an Adblocker tolerant deficiency.

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