BitcoinTalk’s User WoodCollector Hid 5,000 Btc and Here’s the Key to Find It

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by Eugenia Romanenko · 3 min read
BitcoinTalk’s User WoodCollector Hid 5,000 Btc and Here’s the Key to Find It
Photo: WoodCollector/BitcoinTalk

Some WoodCollector claims to have hidden 5,000 BTC and wants BitcoinTalk users to find it. Can it be real?

Are you a fan of puzzles and hidden treasures? Well, if yes, WoodCollector‘s post on the forum BitcoinTalk will attract your attention. Yesterday, this unknown user published a message about hidden treasure worth 5,000 BTC. Moreover, he also posted the key to find the treasure.

WoodCollector says that he is fond of films about hidden treasure and “the concept of something being on this planet that nobody has found that is worth enough to change someones life.” The user adds that he’s been thinking about his legacy and wants to leave his mark on history. Satoshi Nakamoto inspired WoodCollector to launch this incredible puzzle:

“Hidden on this planet somewhere is a 22″ long 8” round titanium air proof time capsule container. Inside that container is 1,000 bronze bitcoins. Each one of those bronze coins is engraved with the private key to an address that holds 5BTC. Total inside the container there is key’s to 5,000BTC.”

WoodCollector’s post reads that its author has made and sold 9 wooden bitcoins(see the pictures above). Each coin contains a part of puzzle. But the key to decode the first part of that puzzle is the tenth coin which WoodCollector gave to someone he choose from BitcoinTalk.

“In order to decode each individual wooden coin you will have to have #10 in its physical presence and in order to solve the entire first clue you will need to posses and have all 10 coins in the same physical location.

The clues in the coins were crafted in a fashion that you will never find them let alone figure them out via photographs, with x-rays, or in any fashion other than having all the coins in the same location at the same time to solve the puzzle.”

WoodCollector adds that the 10 coins are scattered around the world. Also, the author of the puzzle says that when the first clue is solved, another clue will appear. All in all, there are 5 clues to solve. It’ll make possible to find the location where the titanium capsule with 5,000BTC is situated.

“Wow, that is pretty neat,” writes BitcoinTalk user named DebitMe. “Being a purchaser of one of his pieces and spending some time interacting with WoodCollector has given me reason to believe that this could actually be true.  Very neat idea, and I wish the 10 lucky coin owners luck when searching for the treasure.”

Still, WoodCollector notes that in order to protect his identity he won’t appear and post on the web anymore:

“Thank you to all of you whom purchased my artworks from this forum and a very special thanks to all of you whom sold me wood over these past months which made this all possible.

Regardless of the poor treatment of the self-righteous trolls and children on this forum, this treasure is my parting gift to all of you who support bitcoin in hopes that it can bring at least 10 of you together from around the globe with bitcoin at the center of it all.”

The story will be updated later.

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