BitForex NFT Marketplace Is Live Now!

Place/Date: - February 19th, 2022 at 6:43 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: BitForex

BitForex NFT Marketplace Is Live Now!
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We guess there’s a small bunch of people that haven’t heard about CryptoPunks or BoredApes. Wait a minute, are you one of them? Hopefully, not. Until recently, the NFT term was only accepted by a small community of crypto and tech geeks. However, things have changed in the blink of an eye as there has been a surge in interest in non-fungible tokens (also known as NFTs).

The main mission of NFT is to prove the ownership of digital assets. As a new phenomenon, people are already cashing in on the excitement around them. Moreover, this attention only gets stronger daily. Don’t you want to miss the chance of riding the wave of opportunities? Nor does BitForex that decided to launch the efficient, easy-to-navigate, safe, and free NFT Marketplace! 

So, What’s in It for You?

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to announce the launch of the BitForex NFT marketplace. Apart from the global mission of adoption of people around the world to the crypto industry, supporting the artists, musicians, and investors, BitForex aimed to simplify the process of buying, selling, and collecting NFTs for every user. Whether you’re a savvy investor or a newbie to the world of NFTs and Crypto, the usage of NFT Marketplace by BitForex will be easy, intuitive, safe, and, surely, profitable!

The idea of launching an NFT Marketplace has come as a solution to the existing issues on the NFT and Crypto markets. These are:

  • Uncertain Quality of NFT

With great freedom comes great responsibility. This motto should be the driver of the NFT market. However, in reality, things may change. Due to the fact that literally, everyone can be the creator of  NFT, it becomes harder and harder to track the quality of one and know the difference between good and bad. This makes it sometimes impossible for investors to find profitable NFT projects.

  • The narrow range of choice

It becomes harder and harder for investors to find enough NFTS released by NFT projects. However, if investors visit the project-host NFT Marketplace, they can easily buy NFTs issued by this project.

  • The high price of NFT

The more popular NFTs are, the more expensive they become. It’s no wonder that investors are seeking a profitable and premium NFT before their price increase. BitForex NFT Marketplace knows how to do this.

  • Safety risks

Connecting the wallet to operate is an essential step in most NFT marketplaces. Surely, there’s a potential security threat while getting your personal wallet connected. Avoid these risks with BitForex NFT Marketplace!

The Efficiency of BitForex NFT Marketplace

What makes us stand out from the crowd of other competitors? Here’s what you receive while being a user of BitForex NFT Marketplace:

  • Trustworthiness

Starting its path in 2017 there weren’t any security issues with BitForex. We do our best to eliminate the worries related to the safety of our users’ assets

  • Specification

BitForex is proud of its cooperation with hundreds of talented artists, creative and profitable projects all over the world. Don’t neglect the chance to highlight the real premium NFTs with the BitForex selection process.

  • User-friendliness

BitForex NFT Marketplace is incredibly easy to use. The trading process for buyers and sellers can start in the blink of an eye. BitForex supports all NFTs based on almost all public chains like BSC, Ethereum, Klaytn, etc. BitForex supports fixed price, live auction, and buyout sales types.

  • Free of use

BitForex doesn’t charge any commissions or trading fees on the NFT Marketplace while the early promotion period. Buyers and sellers shouldn’t be afraid of the high gas fees. What a success!

With all the advantages mentioned, all you need is to start your NFT trading journey with BitForex NFT Marketplace right away!

BitForex Products

BitForex is a major player in the cryptocurrency market that reached this status by offering a large selection of tradeable goods, such as spot trades, margin trades, and derivatives. New services and products are continually being introduced by BitForex in response to customer feedback. Sounds persuasive, isn’t it?

As a relatively young exchange, Bitforex provides a variety of trading options, including spot trading and margin trading with leverage up to 100x. Having over 163 cryptocurrencies and over 300 trade pairs available in more than 180 countries, BitForex suggests the new level in crypto trading.

There are 1.6 million orders processed per second, according to the BitForex trading engine. Bitforex’s 24-hour volume trading value was $5,882,058,663 as of May 11th, 2021. Also, there is a cryptocurrency called ‘BF’ that has a current market value of $0.01174.

Don’t hesitate to become a citizen of the NFT galaxy with BitForex NFT Marketplace. Find, buy, and sell the most profitable NFTs easily in the blink of an eye!