Bitplay Club has Announced the Launch Visa/Mastercard Payment for its Bitcoin Lottery

Place/Date: Curaçao - September 19th, 2018 at 6:33 pm UTC · 2 min read
Contact: Bitplay Club, Source: Bitplay Club

The 6-45 lottery with the Bitcoin jackpot over 8 BTC and 5-36 lottery version with the Bitcoin jackpot over 1 BTC but lower ticket cost. The distinguishing feature of both lotteries is reliance on the blockchain protocol in drawing the winning numbers. The winning numbers are determined based on a publicly disclosed formula (posted on the lottery website), and the hashes of recently found blocks on the blockchain.

The website provides sufficient information so that anyone could check and see that the lottery-drawing outcome is indeed random and therefore fair.

Lottery service strives to make users’ experience with the website and with online gambling at large, as comfortable as possible and this is why they implemented Visa and Mastercard Payment options. Now those who do not have Bitcoins but do not mind getting some, can pay for the tickets using credit or debit card and win Bitcoins in Bitplay Club lottery.

Ticket prices are low enough to encourage wide participation. With prices as low as 0.00005 BTC for the 5-36 ticket, and 0.0001 for its 6-45 counterpart, the game actually becomes accessible for everyone.

Current Bitcoin Jackpot is over 8 BTC.

The company plans to release a brand new game shortly, not lottery but an instant game of chance based on Bitcoin blockchain.

About Bitplay Club

BitplayClub, a nascent online game operator, was created by a group of blockchain champions and developers who intend to provide various game options to the general public, marketing them as 100% provably fair.

The company strives to empower its customers by resolving the long-standing issues of trustworthiness and transparency. The company has a gaming license in Curaçao.

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