Bitstrades is Helping Users Get Access to Capital in a Decentralized Way

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by Andy Watson · 2 min read
Bitstrades is Helping Users Get Access to Capital in a Decentralized Way
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Blockchain-based startup Bitstrades has a unique proposition to allow lenders and unbanked take part in cryptocurrencies.

In the developed world accessing financial systems easily is taken for granted. But in truth, this comes with a high loss of freedom and privacy. In places like Northern Europe, cashless payments now account for a huge proportion of transactions, but this also increases governments’ ability to investigate and control the financial lives of citizens.

The move towards increased electronic banking has therefore somewhat reversed the ways technology has increased liberty, like communication (with social media), and education (with resources like Wikipedia).

But another trend in technology is working to offset this loss of liberty – cryptocurrencies. Decentralized and community based platforms like Bitstrades are allowing people to function as unbanked private citizens that don’t rely on central provisions.

A Complete Platform

Bitstrades is a cryptocurrency platform that allows a range of investor activities to secure returns. There is the investment aspect that sees holders enter investment plans and get returns based on volatility. There is also the ability to lend out BSS tokens which underpin the platform to gain returns from other users who need the capital.

This all guarantees the user a way to function financially and also gain profits without the need for banks or government influence.

The Bitstrade platform description describes its basic function: “The Bitstrades coins are the mediator type of currency that can be directly used to invest in the Bitstrades lending platform. These Bitstrades coins can be invested in the Bitstrades lending platform and only through the Bitstrades dashboard and no other third party mediator.

Over the investment the users would have regular benefit/interest/profits based on the investment option the user selects. The investment capital is regularized by the Bitstrades transactional bots and volatility software and the investment capital would be returned to the users after the completion of the investment period.”

Decentralized Wealth

In a world where there are increasing concerns about individual privacy and freedom, it is good to see that crypto technology can be used to ensure people’s liberties. Bitstrades is an interesting option for exploring the ways to profit from crypto.

“Bitstrades coin is the open source cryptocurrency with a peer to peer and decentralized community allowing multiple storages and investment opportunities for people in the form of non-government controlled currency. It is allowing not only the investment opportunities, but also significant interest earning on investment as well,” says Bitstrades’ website.

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