HashFlare Announces Discounts on Scrypt, Bitcoin and ZCash Cloud Mining Contracts

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by Andy Watson · 3 min read
HashFlare Announces Discounts on Scrypt, Bitcoin and ZCash Cloud Mining Contracts
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Bitcoin mining is still going strong despite persistent fears of it being not profitable enough to invest.

The reason is that many people see bitcoin mining as a source of steady income through bitcoin that will have a much bigger value in the near future as crypto world expands and more and more people start to use it.

There are two ways to earn bitcoins through mining; one is the hardware mode, in which you purchase hardware on your own and set it up. The other method is where you pay for a cloud mining contract for a company that does it for you and deducts service charges instead.

While the hardware mode is slightly better in terms of results, it is risky and not everyone has the know-how or the time or the money to set up and run a successful mining set up. So, cloud mining is generally preferred by the masses, entrusting the experts with the job of setting it up.

Cloud mining doesn’t mean that the hardware that they purchase is in the control of the company you paid. Instead, you can control it remotely in some good cloud mining contracts and connect it to the right mining pool for maximizing mining exploits.

HashFlare is one of those forward-thinking cloud mining providers. It gives you access over your mining power and allows you to make other decisions based on your judgement. Now, after recent trends of cutting down mining costs by over 40%, HashFlare is passing the price decrease to the customer with an attractive $4.2 per 1 MH/s price being offered for numerous mining algorithms.

In addition to this basic price cut, HashFlare is announcing that it is giving a 5% discount on four major mining contracts including SHA-256, Scrypt, Ethereum and EquiHash contracts. Only 900 discounts will be given on a first-come-first-serve basis and discounts can only be availed by a maximum of one use per account.

Other features offered by HashFlare include proof of hashrate, mining pool selection and instant payouts in the form of Satoshis or other smaller units on a timely basis. HashFlare believes that democratization of the process is very much needed to ensure a satisfactory customer base.

The HashFlare discounts and offers are available for people around the world with no regards to borders. Mining enthusiasts can sign up for a free account, get a discount and learn about different kinds of mining algorithms applied by the top cryptocurrencies around the world and see how effective they are. So, it is not only a cloud mining company but also a valuable knowledge resource for everyone from crypto newbies to professionals.

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