Helps Deal with Impact of COVID-19 via $50K Investments in Testing App

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by Teuta Franjkovic · 3 min read Helps Deal with Impact of COVID-19 via $50K Investments in Testing App
Photo: EOSIO has granted numerous innovative companies that are developing solutions aimed at mitigating the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

It has become known that is providing a $50,000 of an award to, as this blockchain company is working on making an open-source app in order to ensure anonymous and secure access to COVID-19 testing. Through its EOS VC Grants program and partnership with FinLab EOS VC, has also granted numerous innovative companies that chose to focus on solutions related to the coronavirus outbreak.

Block.One in Fight with COVID-19 Impact

From biotech to employment, companies using’s EOSIO blockchain software are all accelerating in order to meet the new disputes arising from the crisis. CEO Brendan Blumer explains:

“We’ve witnessed the growth of an open source community whose passion and innovation have helped to identify and solve critical business problems in sectors ranging from art to wellness. With the onset of urgent world issues caused by the coronavirus, it is important that we empower and support the ways that blockchain technology is being applied to provide solutions.” Partnering with Telos Foundation

DNA/RNA kit provider has partnered with the Telos Foundation to develop an open-source app Agerona that will allow users to securely source low-cost COVID-19 testing.

Results would be stored anonymously in a private repository in a distributed storage network. This data will be governed with teh help of EOSIO-based blockchain platform Telos. All users will have a possibility to control their data, to share, edit and delete their results with researchers using health privacy. The release of the app is scheduled for May.

Daniel Uribe, CEO said:

“As an EOS VC Grants recipient, we are grateful to have the backing and support of’s venture arm EOS VC in aiding our efforts to anonymize DNA/RNA test kits (including coronavirus) while empowering patients and users to decide if they want their anonymized data to be available to the scientific community and help control the spread of the coronavirus and potentially contribute to a treatment.”

Other Investments amid COVID-19

Then, the funds went to PUML Better Health. This is a health and wellness platform that enables companies to reward members for accomplishing healthy activity challenges. These challenges may include daily steps, gym check-ins and fitness classes. While there are a lockdown and need for social distancing, the EOSIO-based platform has launched its LIVE STREAM service. So users can track workouts at home.

Then, there are FinLab EOS VC investments Moonlighting and Innoplexus which are also addressing COVID-19 by adapting their platforms. On-demand freelance marketplace Moonlighting has recently said to offer free access to its database of 200,000 work-from-home job listings. The company’s platform runs on EOSIO powered by EOS and enables job-seekers to create profiles that can also be accessed by other freelance and gig marketplaces.

In the meantime, Innoplexus announced that it will share an open license by opening up its proprietary Ontosight® AI-based platform for drug discovery and development to medical researchers around the globe to aid and contribute to measures focused on the containment of COVID-19.

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