Voice Opens Up for Business, Allows Public Posts

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Users included in the beta launch of Voice have received a possibility to invite friends to join the app.

After months of beta testing Voice, a social media network, has made its posts publicly viewable. Voice boasts to be a different type of social media platform that strives to deliver real, timely and verified news to the public.

The project is aimed to compete with the existing giants like Twitter and Facebook that are marred by online bullying, bot accounts and unverifiable fake news.

The social news platform works by rewarding users and content creators with blockchain tokens. Earlier in March 2020, Voice received $150 million of capital from to kickstart its independent operation. The platform is headed by CEO Salah Zalatimo.

Under Salah’s leadership, Voice is meant to operate as a separate business, hence deploy the $150 million in capital to expand its operations and build out the company’s workforce.

“Today’s media and social media landscapes are rapidly converging,” said Salah during the platform’s independence news conference, “and the resulting digital forums for engagement are broken. We’ve witnessed a profound loss of trust on social media sites given their opaque use of personal data and capricious content regulation rules: If you need to hire armies of people to remove disturbing content, then there’s something fundamentally wrong with the platform.”

Through a self-sustaining economy of ideas and utilization of the Voice Token, the platform aims to put control back into the hands of the users. As a result, it creates an opportunity for them to directly benefit from their ideas and engagement on the platform.

Public Posts on Voice

According to the media outlet Decrypt, it noted that as of Saturday, Voice users included in the site’s beta launch got a possibility to invite their friends. In addition, public posts on Voice are available for anyone to view.

With the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, Voice aims to deliver verifiable news free from media manipulation.

“We are facing times of extreme uncertainty, with the headlines of the COVID-19 pandemic and the imminent economic recession feeding that uncertainty. Add to that the fear and misinformation being spread on social media, and you have the perfect recipe for a global depression. It is precisely in these times when true leadership is required not just in the medical and financial industries, but also at the frontlines of mainstream media and social networks,” wrote Hernan Arber, Director of Mobile Engineering in a post.

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