’s Blockchain Social Media Platform Voice to Launch Ahead of Schedule Next Month

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by Bhushan Akolkar · 3 min read’s Blockchain Social Media Platform Voice to Launch Ahead of Schedule Next Month
Photo: Voice is all set to launch its own blockchain-based social media platform Voice on the U.S. Independence Day July 4. Initially upon launch, only registered users can publish their content and engage online. 

EOSIO creator has announced that it will launch its blockchain-based social media platform Voice next month on July 4. The developers of Voice said that the beta version of the platform will be open for public reading. However, initially upon launch, only registered users can publish their content and engage online.

The international registrations for the Voice platform will be open till the 15th of August. Post that, Voice will be able to invite new friends to the platform.

Social media platforms have been facing a lot of heat from their customers recently with rising concerns about fake news. Besides, the handling of user data and privacy still remains a major concern as on date. Hence,’s blockchain-based Voice platform can likely help to solve all the anomalies related to data security and transparency. CEO Brendan Blumer said that Voice is a social media platform for content-creators to “take back what’s been taken from them.”

What Launch of Voice Will Bring

Interestingly, the company said that its iOS app will come with a “human signup” feature. This means that the platform can easily identify user-identity without requiring any official government ID. So far, Voice has received $150 million from its parent company Note that is the same company behind the very popular EOS blockchain.

EOS is an Ethereum competitor and is popular for hosting enterprise-grade decentralized applications (DApps) on its platform. A relatively new platform, the EOS community recently celebrated its second anniversary. Earlier the Voice social media platform was designated to operate on the EOS blockchain network. However, later they shifted this to the purposely made EOSIO blockchain.

Salah Zalatimo, CEO at Voice says that an alternative to the BigTech’s social media is an urgent need of the hour. He added:

“We pivoted, and decided to open up our platform for readers on July 4. Only registered users will be able publish or engage. Registration will remain by request until August 15, when users can begin to invite heir friends. If you feel like the world needs a social media platform that doesn’t play politics, empowers communities, and respects your data, please join us and help create social as it should be.”’s Voice initiative is just a year old. Zalatimo said that over the last year, the team has dedicated its efforts towards developing the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) which can handle a social platform at scale.

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