Blockchain-based Data Democratization Startup Partners with Media Direct, Inc.

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Blockchain-based Data Democratization Startup Partners with Media Direct, Inc.
Photo: DataBlockchain, revolutionary data platform that stands to disrupt the way data is collected and shared, partners with Media Direct, Inc., a leading data supplier for marketing and analytics.

Data democratization is one of the biggest challenges in the digital world of ours. In addition to collecting and storing data, corporations and governments are inefficient and counterproductive in sharing the data they have with the ones, who need it. Many see blockchain as a viable solution towards democratization of all this data for its better governance and sharing with no unnecessary hassle., the world’s premier data democratization company, aims to harness the immense potential of Blockchain for this important purpose of data democratization. It has already integrated its own data with many of the world’s top databases from different fields including government public data, industry specific data, voting records, B2B data, property data, credit data and other databases. Now, the company is going to launch a token generation event for all the people, who wish to become a part of this revolution.

 Democratizing Big Data wishes to provide an innovative way to democratize big data by supplying wide-ranging data from a consortium of suppliers to the public and the interested entities by directly incorporating blockchain technology. Their approach eliminates the need of middlemen in the data ecosystem and thus also removes layers of inefficiency and weak data deliverance through the process.

According to Adam Mittelberg, the top marketing guy at

“This is the first of many strategic partnerships we hope to announce in the coming months. Our alliance with Media Direct accelerates our Data Acquisition efforts even beyond our original lofty goals. I am confident we will not only be the most efficient and economical source for marketers in the coming months but one of the largest as well. Today we officially took a big step in that direction.”

A Robust Interface will provide a robust interface that will help smooth things up between data providers and users. It is expected to be a what they call a single-point solution to the data needs of all of the world, which will eliminate the need for multiple vendors and brokers that make the system inefficient and costly. The data quality will be ensured by the backend system, which will provide much needed transparency for the users on the originality and accuracy of the data they are using.

Prominent Partnerships

For the Token Generation purpose, has partnered with Media Direct, Inc,  a full service advertising agency, and a leading data supplier for marketing and analytics. Media Direct and its allied companies have contributed over 3 billion data records for different industries including automotive, business, consumer, digital and political circles to the’s record alone.

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