Nauticus Releases Beta of Advanced Exchange UI After Raising $14.6 Million in Ongoing TGE

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Nauticus Releases Beta of Advanced Exchange UI After Raising $14.6 Million in Ongoing TGE
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Nauticus boasts hosting one of the leading crowdfunding events of 2018, providing user-friendly, secure and efficient banking, payments and eCommerce solutions based on blockchain tech.

With over a thousand different cryptos and markets available for them, it should come as no surprise to find beginners intimidated by the procedures involved and stymied by the concepts they have to grapple with, such as ‘hot and cold wallets’, complex wallet addresses comprising of illegible characters, and random private keys, all cushioned by the distressful thought that one wrong step is all it takes to lose one’s funds forever. No wonder mainstream industries remain wary of the technology.

To unleash the potential of this emerging technology, acquiring cryptocurrencies should be as easy as ordering pizza, and intuitive as sending a message. This is what revolutionary exchange platform Nauticus is set to achieve.

Banking and eCommerce Meets Blockchain

Nauticus is an Australian registered company duly registered with the government regulatory body AUSTRAC that is set to facilitate the easiest cryptocurrency banking, payment, and ecommerce options through an innovative application of blockchain technology and a powerful utility token, Nauticus coin. No longer will consumers be subjected to high transaction fees and opaque additional expenses when exchanging cryptos, as Nauticus charges a base fee of just 0.1 percent and offers low market exchange rates.

Nauticus’ seamless and intuitive platform has been designed to seamlessly guide users through the process of acquiring and exchange fiat, whether as a senior citizen or a technophobe. Users can choose from a 100 different cryptocurrency offerings and use seven global fiat currencies (CNY, USD, EUR, JPY, HKD, AUD and ZAR) to transact.

Nauticus has also released an advanced user interface for beta testing and will soon be launching its mobile wallet and exchange for Android and iOS app stores. The advanced user interface release comes off the heels of its ongoing Token Generation Event. With over $14 million raised, the TGE has gone on ahead to smash all sorts of crowdfunding targets, becoming one of the leading crowdfunding events of the year.

Token Generation Event

Nauticus Coin grants users a 50 percent discount on trading fees and is currently still on offer to the public. The coins are being offered at around 0.10 USD with 5% bonus for three remaining weeks of the TGE (ending on May 18). This TGE event presents contributors the unique opportunity and experience of getting in on the ground floor of one of the most important crypto exchange platform development. For signing up on the platform, new users will be given 100 free coins and can acquire 200 more for completing a user survey for the refinement of the platform’s development.

Exchange’s coins have already become one of the most profitable form of cryptocurrency, recording exponential increases in value of more than 22,000 percent due to their utility functions.

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