Blockchain-Based DreamTeam App Aims to Shake Up the Whole Esports Industry

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Blockchain-Based DreamTeam App Aims to Shake Up the Whole Esports Industry
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DreamTeam, an infrastructure project for the Esports and Gaming ecosystems, is expected to allow 250M gamers build, grow, manage and monetize their teams.

The blockchain technology burst into the life of our civilization and changed it completely. By making any information absolutely protected but at the same time totally transparent, it gives many advantages to different areas of human activity – from selling and safekeeping of art pieces to documents management by governments.

Blockchain allows creating secure and transparent contractual relations between multiple parties that can sign smart-contracts and pay with a chosen cryptocurrency. Such a blockchain and cryptocurrency project is being developed: DreamTeam  an infrastructure project for the Esports and Gaming ecosystems.

It is solving the problem of 250M gamers, who want to build, grow, manage and monetize their teams. DreamTeam allows teams, gamers, and coaches get paid salaries and bonuses of all types (team to player, team to coach; player to personal coach and so on) using the platform in a fast and secure way. It offers every gamer a fast-track to creating a team and the easiest way from novice, to amateur and, if desired, to professional gamer. The platform provides a single solution to all these needs securely and professionally, that is easy for a common gamer to comprehend.

Providing such a solution is key to the future development of esports as the current unstructured, and disjointed development of esports hurts its revenue. The regular Sports revenue is over $90B, and the Esports has a meager $0.4B. But if you look at the audience size the divide is not as large – Sports has a 5B audience and Esports – 0.4B. This means that the ARPU in regular Sports is around $18 and in the Esports it is only $1.

All of this data proves that the current Esports industry is a high-potential market with a limited growth due to the unstructured and insecure market conditions. DreamTeam will create a multi-billion dollar ecosystem around the DreamTeam Token that secures and structures the industry and skyrockets its growth. Having a firm foundation in this project, esports community itself could begin to grow and develop , making the whole esports industry more structured, prosperous and profitable.

Why Blockchain?

With the unlocking of blockchain and smart-contracts technologies, DreamTeam is set to build a one-of-a-kind platform and payment gateway for players, teams, tournaments, and sponsors, to become the only all-in-one platform where one’ll be able to find sponsorships & media right sales, prize money, salaries and player transfers.

All of this is currently unavailable in one single place, but the DreamTeam is expected to unite all Esports businesses under one roof.  The Beta version was launched in mid-October and has already reached 1 user/minute registration rate.

For context, the average salary of a pro player in 2017 is $10k/month. Still, there is always the risk of fraud even at the professional level, more so the amateurs. And it’s often the case that tournament prize payouts are delayed up to six months. Application of smart-contracts will ensure proper salary and tournament prize money payouts for all users without the participation of third parties.

DreamTeam aims to provide a completely secure experience for all players.  Teams can set their KPI’s for the team manager and team coach, and they, in turn, set personal KPI’s for each player. Then, after a period of time (e.g., after a month), everyone is auto-checked by smart-contracts and depending on the results, all participants of the process receive their salary and bonuses. The same goes for tournament prize payout, a smart-contract is signed before the tournament start, and after the tournament – in such a way every team will immediately receive a payment according to their placement results. Through smart-contracts, the signing process, execution control, and payments are all done exactly as predefined. For this very reason, blockchain technology is applied.

Indeed, it is very important that Esports fans, players, sponsors, and tournament organizers can get complete, reliable payments and information about everyone in the field, as this could serve as a basis for serious business decisions. The DreamTeam’s application of blockchain, which is the basis for the platform’s functionality, guarantees these advantages.

DreamTeam Token Application

DreamTeam Token is the universal currency accepted for the DreamTeam intra-platform transactions. The key reason for the token application is its security and convenience. All contractual obligations on DreamTeam are done via the application of smart-contracts and paid in DreamTeam Tokens that are directly tied to the Ethereum.

So there is no middle-man charging hefty fees for securing funds that need to be paid either as a salary to a player or as prize money. In addition, the transactions are instantaneous, meaning that as soon as all the smart-contract requirements are met, you get paid.

For some projects, sales of tokens are an opportunity to become real! With DreamTeam, the situation is a bit different: the Beta version of the platform has been launched even before its token sale. In such a way, DreamTeam Tokens open a possibility to boost the process, to make this prospective idea gain its full strength much faster.

Future of DreamTeam Tokens

DreamTeam will gradually integrate DreamTeam Tokens into the whole gaming and Esports ecosystem. This will include both the “virtual” segment (marketplaces, in-game items, etc.) and the “physical” (hardware, merchandise). Moreover, the DreamTeam Crew plans to build/integrate special payment solutions in the future, so that DreamTeam Token holders will be able to pay for gaming event tickets and even hardware.

After five years of continuous development and improvements, DreamTeam will cover markets and services with a $4-5 B yearly turnover. DreamTeam Tokens will be listed on all leading exchanges, and the power of the project will support the tokens high exchange rates and stability.

The DreamTeam Token Sale allows the DreamTeam Crew to establish a strong and reliable basis for the platform by getting it powered through investments of active esports community members and interested investors.

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