Blockchain-Based Platform TraDove Aims to Become Facebook for B2Bs

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Blockchain-Based Platform TraDove Aims to Become Facebook for B2Bs
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With Facebook connecting friends and LinkedIn connecting business professionals, there’s no platform to facilitate easy interaction between B2Bs. TraDove aims to change the situation, launching a new blockchain-based B2B social network.

Although LinkedIn does have a business-to-business purpose, it is mostly used by job seekers and HR specialists hunting for top talent.

Today’s global B2B market spending exceeds $76 billion. The volume of international trade goes beyond $16 billion mark. Corporations often miss out the chance to complete profitable trades because finding trusted buyers and sellers often resembles searching for the needle in a haystack.

Matching buyers and sellers is challenging as the current status quo of B2Bs highlights a restricted level of transparency. Contacting people by email or phone is inefficient, and as opposed to Google AdWords in consumer marketing, most B2B advertising platforms have limitations.

Disrupting the B2B Industry with Blockchain Tech

The traditional B2B business model is inconsistent and lacks transparency. Qualifying and vetting good buyers and sellers, as well ashelping them stand above the crowd is nearly impossible in today’s digital realm. Most companies perform extensive researches before closing deals, and even after finding potential candidates, they become uncertain of their reliability.

Establishing a personal connection with people in the B2B sector is a core challenge that can be solved by the Blockchain. To enhance B2B’s  transparency, facilitate buyer/seller interaction and provide effective B2B advertising, TraDove comes into play with a new Blockchain-based business model. The goal of the project is to come up with a scalable social network for businesses that gathers companies on one platform.

Disrupting International Trade with Blockchain

TraDove leverages Ethereum-based smart contracts and advanced user authentication backed up with AI and Big Data technologies to solve common trust issues in international trade and B2B industry. On the TraDove platform, buyers and sellers are reviewed and vetted to make sure all payments and transactions are completed safely and securely.

B2Bs are used to waiting around for companies to find them. Most of them are aware that time is money, but they know there’s nothing they can do to beat the system. For B2Bs the marketing effects differ from B2Cs. In a consumer-oriented environment, users generate users; whereas in the B2B space, it’s opportunities that generate other opportunities.

TraDove aims to become a one-stop-shop for companies that want to advertise and market services together with products to other companies across the web. The ICO’s uniqueness lies in its personal digital currency – the BBCoin token.

Corporate buyers and sellers can use TraDove’s services for free. BBCoin comes into play when it’s time to pay for value-added or prioritized utilities. The BBCoin token is used when recommending seller products and services to buyers empowering buyer/seller interaction on the platform.

Another use for the token is to facilitate B2B advertising. By purchasing BBCoins, companies will be able to create target audiences and ads that match their business’s specific needs and wants.

When buyers interact with ads, they get BBCoins for their attention. Whether purchased or earned, the tokens can be used by all users to execute additional targeted B2B marketing and advertising.

On the TraDove platforms, BBCoins can also be used as an international payment method for completing trades. This way, third parties are eliminated and both buyers and sellers enjoy seamless, low-cost transactions, which strengthen their business relationship.

A Blockchain-based Safe Haven for B2Bs

TraDove’s unique value proposition is more than a concept. The company is an established global business network with over five years of experience in the B2B industry. With a mature web platform in place, an iOS app, over 250,000 corporate users and more than 100,000 companies on board, TraDove aims to become a Blockchain-based safe haven for businesses around the globe.

Well-known Blockchain advocates and industry specialists have joined the mission. Among them, former CFO of Morgan Stanley, Phil Duff, former CEO and Chairman of Bank of America,  former CEO of Siemens, Inc., Richard Rosenberg, and others.

The TraDove pre-sale is up and running. $8 mln have already been raised in the first phase of the pre-sale. Phase two ends on January 31, 2018. The listing price for one BBCoin is $0.12 for a minimum order of 2,000 BBCoins.

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