Blockchain Based Ticketing Company Aventus Systems Announces Advisory Board

July 14th, 2017 at 3:43 am UTC · 3 min read

Advisors joining the board include: Professor Mike Waterson, one of the United Kingdom’s leading authorities on ticketing, Professor William Knottenbelt, the Director of the Cryptocurrency Research & Engineering Centre at Imperial College, Bernie Dillon, a 30 year entertainment industry veteran who has worked with brands such as HBO, UFC, Santana and Caesars, and Daniel Masters, Director at Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund PLC. The newly appointed board will provide strategic, technical, and legal counsel for the Aventus team as they bring their solution to the global ticketing markets.

Daniel Masters, Director at Global Advisors Bitcoin Investment Fund PLC, says: “What I’ve learned from the somewhat limited experience I’ve had with the collection of start-ups in which we’re invested and to whom we offer management services is that the keys to success are vision, motivation, passion, hunger, eloquence, technical expertise, experience, maturity, organization, reputation and balls. I’ve had varied outcomes but Alan and Annika, the Founders of Aventus, are the best of the best, and are enhanced greatly by what we have to offer in order to fill out their card.”

Professor Waterson, Professor of Economics at the University of Warwick and one of the United Kingdom’s leading authorities on ticketing had this to say about the Aventus Solution, “My investigation into the event ticketing industry, particularly in music, brought home to me how a structure has grown up that leads to consumer confusion and frustration, alongside a range of dubious practices. Technologically, the problems are challenging, but to me, Aventus has a comprehensive approach to their solution. Provided there is sufficient industry buy-in, Aventus can be a real force for positive change.”

Professor Knottenbelt, Director at the Cryptocurrency Research & Engineering Centre at Imperial College and a technical advisor to the Aventus team had this to say, “Aventus represents the next generation of blockchain technology which will unleash the true power of blockchains by creating and empowering new kinds of markets. The founders embody the very best of the qualities that our graduates are known for and we are proud to support them.”

Bernie Dillon, a 30+ year entertainment and sports industry veteran known for work with brands such as Caesars, Trump, HBO, UFC, Santana, Eric Clapton, Hard Rock and the current Director of Carnival Live had this to say about the Aventus solution, “Anyone who has ever attended, hosted, or produced a live entertainment event, be it a UFC fight, boxing match, or concert has been affected by counterfeit tickets or extortionate secondary resale prices. Aventus brings a refreshing solution to these age-old problems that could very well end fraudulent activity and unregulated ticket touting once and for all.”

The Aventus blockchain solution effectively eliminates ticket fraud and allows owners and event organizers to control and receive commissions on secondary market ticket sales. The application facilitates event ticketing and marketing at a significantly reduced platform cost.

Alan Vey & Annika Monari, Directors of Aventus Systems commented, “We are really thrilled to welcome such exciting and experienced industry professionals to the board. We believe their expertise and advice will play a huge part in accelerating Aventus to the next level.”

About: Aventus Systems

Aventus is a blockchain-based protocol that creates a more fair, secure, and transparent event ticketing industry, practically eliminating counterfeit tickets and unfair touting. Organisers can create, manage and promote their events and associated tickets with dramatically reduced platform costs, and can even control secondary markets.


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