Blockchain Digital Asset Trading Platform Launched To Facilitate Individuals In Easy Trading

January 14th, 2020 at 8:06 am UTC · 3 min read

Blockchain Digital Asset Trading Platform Launched To Facilitate Individuals In Easy Trading, a blockchain digital assets trading platform which was launched in Singapore just two years back, aims to facilitate each and every individual to effortlessly trade their digital assets and make safe transactions. The digital assets trading platform now supports current trades in multiple languages.

The platform, which is operated by a close-knit team of world-class elite cryptocurrency experts with deep experience in system security and ultra-high loading at microsecond levels, is likely to expand its presence across the globe., which is registered and headquartered in Singapore, now maintains a number of offices in the US, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Malaysia. With the vision of ‘Customer First, Security Foremost’, the trading technology company has created a unique digital assets trading system which can process five million orders in a second. The platform is reportedly thousand times faster and more agile than most of its competitors, and it ensures zero latency and delay during order processing. The trading system also supports digital assets transactions that can be initiated simultaneously by millions of active uses who don’t need to compromise on trading security, smoothness or reliability.

In addition to that, the trading system also has kernel-level OS security, a whole gamut of financial derivatives, and support for large-circulation tokens, and reportedly, more high-quality cryptocurrencies will be supported soon by the trading platform.

According to latest announcements released by the early-stage startup owners, BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS and ZG (‘ZG Token’) are some of the new tokens the platform supports as of now.

Besides that, also has a lot of resources and strategic partnerships within the digital assets trading industry. The company has also reached agreement with a number of Bitcoin mining pool companies, investment institutions, and big traders from across the world. is now looking to provide ample trading liquidity to the users and bring to the users an unparalleled digital assets trading experience. The platform now supports multi-platform mining support, with technical support available in English, Chinese and several other languages. will soon launch Altcoin Swap Contract Trade. As a global initiative, the company developed the trading system that opens or closes depending on Bitcoin price index and uses Altcoin as the margin. It boasts of a number of advanced features, including system safety guarantee, risk control and daily analysis.

About the Company is a leading digital assets trading platform and an emerging startup in the cryptocurrency industry.

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