Blockchain Digital Bank Bankera to List BNK Token on HitBTC

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Blockchain Digital Bank Bankera to List BNK Token on HitBTC
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Bankera takes a critical step in the company’s strategy listing agreement for its native digital token, BNK, on leading cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC.

Banking project based on blockchain Bankera has announced a listing agreement for its native digital token, BNK, on leading cryptocurrency exchange, HitBTC. Listing and trading have since commenced, with the token appearing on HitBTC’s platform on June 4th, 2018.

The listing was one of the most anticipated events in recent times, after a breathtaking token sale that saw over 100,000 people from every corner of the globe contribute to the public crowdfunding campaign.

The open market listing now means that participants who missed out on the token sale can now obtain BNK tokens via HitBTC. Users will be able to sell, buy and exchange BNK with major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Tether, allowing wide participation in the trading of BNK.

The listing is seen as a critical step in Bankera’s strategy to ensure liquidity for BNK, while advancing its development and growth in the blockchain ecosystem.

While preparing for the listing, Bankera submitted its BNK token to four audit layers, ensuring BNK smart contracts had the highest possible levels of security prior to release onto the Ethereum blockchain. Eventually, BNK will also be supported as Nem Mosaics, allowing holders to seamlessly switch between different blockchains.

Token holders also receive commission via BNK, consisting of 20% of Bankera and MVP SpectroCoin net transactional revenue. BNK smart contracts were uniquely designed to store commission funds in the form of Ether, for onward distribution to holders.

Contributors holding BNO in SpectroCoin blockchain wallets will receive automatic settlement of commissions each week while those who decide to store tokens on external wallets or on HitBTC exchange, will have to use the smart contract to claim commissions.

Bankera has plans to list BNK on several other exchanges following HitBTC, with SpectroCoin exchange up next once price stabilizes on HitBTC.

The main agenda, however, is still to develop Bankera’s own trading platform, which aims to be a secure and cost-effective alternative to the present crop of exchanges, while supporting major cryptocurrency and digital assets including Bitcoin, DASH, Ethereum, NEM, Litecoin, as well as future support for ERC20 and NEM mosaic tokens. Holders of BNK can expect to trade BNK token pairs without commission fees on the Bankera exchange.

Bankera’s vision of a digital bank suitable and relevant for the nascent blockchain era stems from an operational fork of SpectroCoin, a financial and crypto services platform that has served over 860,000 customers for more than 5 years via a crypto exchange, wallet, prepaid card and payment processor.

SpectroCoin’s focus on payment solutions for crypto has led it to develop an infrastructure comparable to conventional banks and will be leveraged to realize Bankera. Just as a bank is expected to do, Bankera will provide conventional banking and investment services including savings accounts, loans, low-cost investment products such as exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and crypto funds, bridging the converging worlds of blockchain and banking.

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