Blockchain Gaming and Yield Farming Come Together through KittieFIGHT

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Blockchain Gaming and Yield Farming Come Together through KittieFIGHT
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KittieFIGHT will be a welcome addition to the blockchain gaming industry. Taking existing projects to a whole new level and introducing popular concepts on top of it will attract a lot of players.

To a lot of people, blockchain gaming has not been a priority. For others, it has proven to be a good way to make money on size. KittieFIGHT is focusing on this latter aspect by raising the bar in an exponential manner. 

Blockchain Gaming So Far

Several initiatives have been launched to usher in the era of blockchain gaming. Some of these projects have been more successful than others, which is normal for a niche industry. Mainly trading card games, such as Spells of Genesis and Gods Unchained, have attracted a lot of attention. Their main benefit is how all cards are issued on the blockchain, giving players an option to trade or sell them as they see fit. 

Other successful blockchain gaming efforts focus on digital collectibles. CryptoBeasties and CryptoKitties are by far the best-known examples. While successful, these games have not appeased investors all that much, they are primarily designed for gaming enthusiasts who happen to own cryptocurrency, catering to a more mainstream crowd will require a very different approach. 

KittieFIGHT Is a Different Breed

Although KittieFIGHT builds further on several aspects introduced by CryptoKitties, this new game is not about collecting digital cats or trading cards. Instead, it is a pure fighting game where said digital cats will be pitted against one another. Players are invited to place Ethereum bets supporting their favorite contender. More importantly,this approach gives players an option to earn lucrative rewards, something that hasn’t been possible in blockchain gaming to date.

Another aspect making KittieFIGHT a unique breed is how it incorporates several aspects of decentralized finance, or DeFi. It is a very popular industry, attracting billions in value over the past few months. Combining this aspect with blockchain gaming can create very powerful and appealing projects. It is one of the aspects that makes KittieFIGHT worth keeping an eye on, although there are some other beneficial aspects too. 

A Volcanic Yield Eruption

The yield farming aspect of KittieFIGHT should not be underestimated. It is a very interesting way of getting users acquainted with the ecosystem, as well as a good way to begin earning native tokens. Before Volcano can kick off, there will be an initial token distribution for KTY, the native ecosystem token. Through the Dutch auction, users can end in their Ethereum bids for a two-week period. This ensures community members can determine the token price, rather than having it arbitrarily dictated by the market. 

Contributors who provide liquidity will benefit from the “Volcano” incentive program. Incentivizing on-chain liquidity ensures onlookers can engage with the platform at any given time. Those who provide liquidity – right before the Dutch auction concludes – can earn up to 6,000% in additional KTY and DAO governance tokens. It is a crucial aspect of the initial launch, and one that will bestow ample governance power upon early contributors. 

The KTY tokens – distributed during Volcano and later on – will be used as utility fee payments on the KittieFIGHT platform. Although the token is not required to be obtained to participate in the betting action, it is a valuable token to hold. Both long-term investors and DeFi yield farmers will benefit from what KTY brings to the table. 

CryptoKitties Fight to the Death

On paper, it may seem odd to let digital cats on the blockchain fight one another, KittieFIGHT ensures that this will become a reality. All combat takes place in a fight to the death, as the winner must be decided. Fans and bettors will provide the necessary support to come to a conclusion. Placing Ether bets on one’s favorite cat will ensure it can undertake fighting actions to potentially become the victor.

This betting aspect is another lucrative aspect of this new platform. While all fights are funded by an independent bank – funded by the lenders on the platform who receive a weekly yield in return – the goal is to make the initial jackpot swell to 10 times its normal size. Once the jackpot has reached this level, the winner will be decided, giving both players and lenders an extremely lucrative revenue stream. 

Get in on the Action

It is evident that KittieFIGHT gives players all of the necessary tools to make money. Whether one wants to engage in yield farming, betting, or providing liquidity, the options are there for the picking. Engaging in the Dutch auction ensures users may pick up some KTY tokens at an early stage, which can become a speculative value token in the future. 

KittieFIGHT will be a welcome addition to the blockchain gaming industry. Taking existing projects to a whole new level and introducing popular concepts on top of it will attract plenty of eyeballs. The Dutch auction is worth putting on anyone’s agenda, either to engage in the action or to witness the outcome and begin pitting collected CryptoKitties against one another. 

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