Blockchain Platform FREED Creates a Global Computing Network of Gamers’ Computers

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by Alexandra Sayapina · 3 min read

The platform provides game developers with a new monetization strategy – the source of income is in the resources of their gamers’ personal computers.

The sphere of computer gaming is making rapid progress. Simple games like 8-bit Pac-Man or 2D Tetris are still fresh in the minds – but the industry has advanced considerably. New online browser 3D games can surprise gamers with high quality animation, breathtaking plot and the possibility to play with people from distant countries. The better the games become the higher requirements get. Blockchain startup FREED can boost the development of gaming with the creation of a global computing network.

FREED believes that the potential of online games can be unleashed by integrating gamers’ computer into a worldwide computing network. The project is beneficial to all parties involved into the life of the platform. FREED allows game developers to upgrade their monetization policy while users can enjoy various bonuses for the providing of their personal computing resources.

The startup appeared as an expanding of the game business existing for many years. The team that has become the core of FREED has been working in the sphere of computer gaming since 2003. The company that gave birth to FREED – TVX Games – is known for the development of the first online browser 3D race game and successful work for the social network Vkontakte – the prosperous rival of Facebook in Russia and Europe. The team has been working hard to invent new ways of monetizing online games. The efforts have paid off: at the moment FREED is in the process of testing the platform and already aims at involving other game developers into the life of the project.

“Due to its size and rapid continuous growth, the online game industry possesses an unprecedented volume of computing capacities which is only going to increase. We are positive that FREED will give a powerful boost to the game industry and the distributed computing market alike,” said Evgeny Glariantov, co-founder of FREED.

Even though online gaming is the main priority of FREED, the project has the potential to be used in various spheres. The usage of computing capacities created by integration of a big number of personal computers – known as distributed computing – provides users with an opportunity to solve such tasks as 3D rendering, big data analysis, machine learning, neural networks, heavy computing tasks in the fields of biology and medicine. The further development of FREED and the growth of its popularity is to increase the computing capacity of the system.

FREED creates a mutually beneficial space for distributed computing customers, gamers and developers. Game developers connect the games to the platform and get guaranteed income. Distributed computing customers enjoy the capacities which exceed the ones of supercomputers and use the inner system token – the FREEDcoin token – to compensate game developers. The usage of the gamers’ personal computing capacities is rewarded with in-game bonuses.

Al in all, the system generates profit for all the participants. Gamers get unique content from game developers who are compensated from the income generated by distributed computing customers who enjoy the increased computing capacity.  FREED created not just another platform – it is a self-developing ecosystem.

The project has already generated interest of the blockchain sphere. FREED has enlisted the support of IBM. According to their partnership memorandum, IBM provides technological and methodological support for the development of the platform. The first pre-ICO round proved that there is lots of belief in the future of the project: the $1 million goal was raised without difficulty.

The project is at the stage of pre-Sale now. You can leave your e-mail on FREED’s  website and get the latest news and early bird special offers for token sale.

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