Blockchain + Social, Attila is Leading the New Trend of Blockchain Application

Place/Date: - July 29th, 2020 at 2:43 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Attila

Recently, Attila’s token, ATT, won the first place in Indodax community voting and successfully got listed on Indodax, marking its successful launch in the Indonesian market, which is a vital step in Attila’s global expansion. This event has attracted great public attention and people started to wonder why Attila, a start-up focusing on the research and development of decentralized information communication protocol, can win the opportunity to be listed on Indonesia’s largest digital currency exchange.

With the continuous and rapid development of blockchain technology, blockchain infrastructure has emerged with time, promoting the development of different fields including finance, supply chain, public service, education, intellectual property, energy, public welfare, etc. However, few start-ups focus on the area of blockchain + social due to the involvement of multiple interests and different social giants, as users are difficult to retain while social giants are unwilling to compromise on certain issue. Wishing to provide users with a more friendly social experience with high privacy, and in spite of the countless difficulties in the business, Attila has become a pioneer in the field of blockchain + social.

Blockchain + Social, Attila is Leading the New Trend of Blockchain Application

Attila team is committed to research and development based on the underlying technology of blockchain, integrating four core technologies of blockchain, DNS, smart contract and instant messaging protocol. Each user on the chain contains one or more server / service providers and applications. Each user on the chain can communicate with other users and modify the service provider at any time with Attila underlying infrastructure of information and communication protocols. Through Attila decentralized information communication protocol, users can share text, voice, photo and video easily without switching their social accounts, which is efficient, secure and of highly privacy.

After the various scandals of user privacy leaks and illegal data trading, particularly after the data leakage incident of Cambridge Analysis and Facebook, social network users begin to pay more attention to data privacy protection, forcing social media companies pay more attention to protect user data privacy. However, in the process of scientific research and product development, algorithms will somehow collect and use user data, causing exposure of data, which has become a big issue for both the public and enterprises.

Thanks to Attila, new solutions emerge. Attila innovatively developed two-layer communication protocol that includes two layers of duplex protocols. The first layer is a basic communication protocol providing the basic connection function. The second layer is an extended protocol In addition, the information flow will support end-to-end encryption, which can create a better experience of timely communication for users, and the process of message transmission will be more simple, fast, reliable and private.

Blockchain + Social, Attila is Leading the New Trend of Blockchain Application

Featured by cross-platform, boundary-breaking, high security and complete privacy, Attila’s new generation of decentralized information communication protocol is very likely to become the basic infrastructure of information communication in the future; while blockchain + social will become the future development direction of the blockchain industry and a hot investment attraction. In the era of blockchain technology revolution, Attila, as the pioneer of centralized information and communication infrastructure, is leading the trend.