Blockchain Technology Gives Rise to Innovative Marketing Solutions: Introducing PlusCoin

January 17th, 2018 at 6:00 am UTC · 3 min read

What many have initially associated with cryptocurrencies, blockchain continues to broaden its reach and opens more doors toward which the marketing space is now headed. Several blockchain apps have surfaced since the technology’s debut in 2008, but there is more to come in the field of marketing—better and bigger solutions.

Demand for marketing solutions increase

A quick look at the early stages of blockchain adoption shows solutions that deal with video and content marketing, along with marketing and predictive analytics. Augur, Papyrus, VidRoll, AdEx, and Santiment are among the names that belong to this category. Other blockchain marketing solutions offered by startups like Opporty and OPP token also prove to be useful to companies and consumers alike.

The list by which marketing utilizes blockchain technology goes on, and new programs that promise an innovative take on marketing continue to launch. While unknown to most individuals, many companies and projects already use blockchain technology to improve their operations. Only a few projects, however, create products that impact people’s lives, let alone have positive effects.

Standing out from the few is PlusCoin crypto-cashback service. PlusCoin’s innovation now provides users with a real product that works and which all kinds of people can use and benefit from. Its crypto-cashback service delivers convenience through blockchain technology and allows worldwide users to enjoy the product right on their mobile device.

A look at the innovative crypto-cashback service

With the goal of popularizing blockchain technologies and use of cryptocurrencies, PlusCoin crypto-cashback service serves as a platform in which companies can advertise their products. Consumers can make purchases on the decentralized platform and get PlusCoin tokens as rewards. The cashback rewards come in the form of PlusCoin’s own cryptocurrency and allow consumers to use these tokens to buy other items.

Our goal is to attract the maximum possible number of users and partners into employing cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, using the instant payment of our cryptocurrency as a cashback on purchases from our partners as a mechanism. To achieve this goal, it is not enough just to pay out the cryptocurrency: so we are also developing additional services based on the Ethereum blockchain, which will support the exchange and sale of our cryptocurrency. They will also construct an infrastructure that can be used to develop the sector as a whole,” stated in the PlusCoin team’s whitepaper.

There are 1,544 partners on the platform, but this number will keep growing. Companies on board the PlusCoin platform that runs on the Ethereum Blockchain include big industry players like KFC, Nike, Reebok, and Burger King.

The PlusCoin Token Sale, which was a four-part series, began in September 2017 and closed near the end of December of the same year. The PlusCoin crypto-cashback service is accessible through the DS Plus mobile application, which rewards users with PlusCoin for purchasing goods and services.

About PlusCoin

PlusCoin is a decentralized cashback platform on the Ethereum Blockchain. It is created by DS Plus team and is accessible through the DS Plus mobile application. For more information, please visit


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