Blockchain Technology is Advancing Rapidly, the Next Bitcoin is the SAKT!

March 21st, 2020 at 11:47 am UTC · 5 min read

The first blockchain officially produced Bitcoin on January 3, 2009, with a peak period of $19,000/Bitcoin, and a global multi-currency trading market with a daily trading volume of $10 billion. Endless trading, market volatility is very large, without political organization intervention, from the BTC derived a variety of blockchain. Blockchain three key technical ideas are: consensus mechanism, smart contract, asymmetric encryption, will make blockchain technology better and better.

Don Guo, CEO of Broctagon Fintech Group, told The Independent:

“Digital currencies are coming into the mainstream and international competition is heating up. Economies risk being disadvantaged if they are left behind.”

SAKT was launched on the Coinbte exchange in the middle of March 2020. SAKT was established spontaneously by a global green environmental protection organization, a digital blockchain alliance system with global decentralization, open automatic supervision, secure information encryption, optimized resource allocation and reuse, and independent operation of the public chain. SAKT will serve as the next generation of long-term stable virtual settlement currency.

Based on BYTKEN algorithm, you can run your own independent node locally and run your arbitrary public-chain digital assets across the chain.

Don Tapscott, an internationally renowned blockchain expert, said:

“USDT as a token may have guaranteed its historical status, but its future is still uncertain. SAKT will soon replace it as the main token.”

SAKT wallet is an automatic program for the management of blockchain digital assets. It can enter the blockchain without any threshold and seamlessly connect with various digital assets. The unique public blockchain of SAKT wallet integrates the existing mainstream public chains into the wallet, so as to solve the problems of insufficient blockchain performance, high handling fees, slow time to account, unable to cross-chain and cross contract. It is realized with decentralization as the core A personal property steward with you as the center.

Advantages of SAKT wallet:

  • Digital Asset outstanding, Blockchain advantage, Information cannot be falsified. Once the data information is written into the block, it cannot be changed.
  • Decentralization, no third-party intervention, enabling peer-to-peer transactions and interactions; In the entire Internet financial system, both the supplier of funds and the borrowers of funds can act as protectors; jointly maintain the reliability and security of the entire blockchain information.
  • Reliable database, open and transparent in a very short time, the block information will be copied to all the blocks in the network, and the whole network data synchronization will be realized. Each node can backtrack all the transaction information of the past parties.
  • It is obviously impossible to tamper with blockchain information only if you master 51% of the entire system. Because there are so many participants in the whole system, mastering so many nodes is extremely costly and impossible to achieve. Data integrity, authenticity and security.

Oscar M. Berry as Founder of SAKT Project Fund, told The Independent:

“Cryptocurrency on the whole is now being taken much more seriously by high profile corporate and global brands.”

“The number of major use cases across multiple sectors and geographies is growing by the day.  Cryptocurrency is once again starting to be viewed as a currency with the potential to bring real and radical change to the world rather than purely as an asset, which can rapidly burn out.”

“History is all we have. Since our brain is designed to learn by observing the past, history must have its value, which is also the product of the survival of the fittest in natural development. No matter what the investment market is, by understanding how the market reacts to past events, we can gain better insight into the future performance of the market.”

“Many people have studied the course of Bitcoin’s ten-year development and found the best reason to invest in cryptocurrency. The benefits far outweigh the risks. The development history of Bitcoin over the past ten years tells us that it has increased by more than 100,000 times and that the minimum price of Bitcoin is steadily rising every year, regardless of bulls and bears.”

“I believe that history will be surprisingly similar. Bitcoin’s past is so, and there will also be huge value-added space in the future. Because in the future, there will not be fewer people involved than in the present, the future funds will not be less than the present, the application of the future blockchain will not be worse than the present, and the future consensus will not be smaller than the present. SAKT as a new generation of cryptocurrency, is bound to occupy a dominant position in the market. Being a rational investor, with a mentality of becoming rich gradually, willing to pay time and energy, willing to solve problems, whether in the currency circle or the traditional industry, can be successful, but in the currency circle, successful returns The rate will be magnified many times.”

“Unlike the Nasdaq stock market, digital currency can be traded anonymously whenever there is a network. The digital currency has been tested in the market for ten years. The free market is universal, and anyone can buy or sell anywhere, or the world’s largest anonymous market. No one, blockchain technology is a rare and large- scale distributed collaborative software in the world, it is worth trying.”



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