Blockchain Video Platform Viuly Launches Mainnet After Completing Massive Airdrop

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Blockchain Video Platform Viuly Launches Mainnet After Completing Massive Airdrop
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Having successfully distributed 458 million VIU tokens driving up mass adoption of the platform, blockchain-based startup Viuly launches mainnet on December 15th.

Decentralized video sharing platform Viuly has announced the completion of its massive free airdrop campaign, during which it successfully distributed 458 million VIU tokens to over 960,000 unique Ethereum holders. Over the past weeks, VIU tokens were automatically distributed to all qualifying Ethereum wallets holding at least 0.1 ETH as per the Ethereum blockchain snapshot of November 5th, 2017.

Participants can verify receipt of these tokens by adding a custom token viewable on their wallets, using the following settings:

Address: 0x519475b31653E46D20cD09F9FdcF3B12BDAcB4f5

Name: VIU

Decimals: 18

Otherwise, most blockchain explorers, such as EtherScan, should automatically display VIU tokens associated with qualifying ETH addresses.

With almost 1 million active members of the Ethereum community being now potential Viuly users, the Estonian-based startup hopes to witness its large user base driving up mass adoption of its platform, powered by the ERC20-compliant VIU tokens.

Since the release of its Alpha version, the platform has registered more than 40,000 members and receives over 10,000 unique visitors each day, who watch content created across more than 2,500 video channels.

Having achieved the goal of widest possible distribution through the aidrop campaign, Viuly’s next step will be to connect its blockchain platform – – to the mainnet on December 15th, giving token holders the chance to immediately perform transactions with VIU tokens to experience the full features of decentralized online video sharing.

With mainnet activation, advertisers will also be able to purchase VIU tokens on exchanges to pay for advertising packages on the platform, allowing Viuly users to view videos, pre-roll video ads and banner ads.

Content authors and video uploaders will begin earning VIU tokens in immediate rewards as their share of advertising revenue. These can be freely withdrawn to be traded openly on supported exchanges.

VIU tokens are actively trading in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) pairs on two exchanges: Bit-z and Etherdelta.

VIU owners will be kept updated as more exchanges list the currency.

Being active and growing, Viuly invites advertisers to test out options on the platform. It also welcomes video influencers to distribute their content on the Viuly platform to experience the freely accessible, decentralized ecosystem of online video sharing, while earning their share of rewards.

Viuly is constantly working to improve and update their platform, soon launching their mainnet connection on December 15th, featuring advertiser functionalities.

About Viuly

Viuly’s blockchain-based solution that promises to disrupt the current industry of online video sharing will be the democratic revolution of the way people watch, share and earn from video watching.

Powered by VIU tokens, the decentralized platform aims to create a fair and open video ecosystem featuring a fair revenue sharing model that recognizes content creators and viewers as vital to the industry. For the first time, anyone in the world can share, watch and upload any content, without the limitations of access and a peer-based moderation policy.

All interactions, such as uploading, watching, and sharing videos can lead to potential rewards, as a share of revenue generated from the sales of advertising.

Blockchain incubator Krypton Capital has backed Viuly’s revolutionary solution with EUR 150,000, in line with its “smart money” philospophy that looks to establish solid ecosystems of relevant start ups to jointly synergise values and revenues.

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