Deep Gold Announces pre-ICO for Decentralized VR World

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by Maria Konash · 3 min read
Deep Gold Announces pre-ICO for Decentralized VR World
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The first of its kind, Deep Gold aims to seize $15 billion worth global market of AR and VR technology through its ongoing five-stage pre-sale.

Deep Gold is a Hong-Kong based project that looks to create a democratic decentralized VR world. Conceptually, Deep Gold is the first of its kind as well as its the underlying platform.

With virtual world and reality markets being some of the fastest growing sectors in the tech industry, Deep Gold is launching a platform that could seize a substantial portion of the estimated $15 billion global market of  AR and VR technology.

Vijay Michalik, an accomplished Analyst at Frost & Sullivan said:

“The Virtual Reality dreams of William Gibson, Ernest Cline and Neal Stephenson are no longer purely in the realm of fiction. Blockchain technologies represent an opportunity to rethink the data and financial infrastructure of the emergent economic systems this new borderless technology could represent. Adding decentralization and resilience to the mix will help us avoid the dystopian futures in favor of the utopian.”

The five-stage token sale started on September 15th. Each stage offers a generous bonus, starting with a 150% bonus in Stage 1, 90% in stage two, 50% in stage three, 30% bonus in stage four, and finally the base token price in stage five.

The pre-ICO is Ethereum-based, with 100,000,000 Deep tokens in total supply. Ethereum is the only accepted payment method, with 1 ETH netting 8547 Deep Tokens. Each token will entitle the holder to square of 1 by 1 in area, with only 100,000,000 parcels of land to be in existence.

The Deep looks to transition to their own DPoS-based tokens sometime in January 2018, with Ethereum based tokens being swapped for an identical number of tokens. Further, the roadmap includes details for users claiming the land in level two of the protocol, building on top of the land in level 3, user interaction in level four, and a Deep API allowing external applications to interact with the Deep world with level 5.

The ICO will be the second token crowdsale for those that miss the pre-ICO. Deep expects the platform to be released and ready for public use December 2018.


About The Deep

The Deep aims to revolutionize the ever-growing space of virtual words by launching a truly bespoke decentralized platform. Users of The Deep will be able to have a personal stake in one of the world’s first established crypto commodities in the form of virtual land.

Bringing the first decentralized open world forth, The Deep will use an open source graphics approach using primitives to bring a breathtaking VR experience to life. Users will be able to use their purchased land to exchange services, communicate, play games or simply live out long wished-for fantasies. A new virtual economy will form due to mass adoption of the platform, creating new pathways of real life value business. Behind the revolutionary platform, distributed voting power will ensure a healthy virtual economy amongst its users.

The Deep Token will be distributed following a successful upcoming crowdfund. Players and users will be able to purchase valuable virtual land with an exchange rate of 1×1 plot for 1 Deep Token. Due to a fixed supply of deep tokens, increasing demand is inevitable – for this reason in-game Deep Gold is the chosen currency to use for purchases, service exchange or however users wish to spend their hard-earned gold. The total number of distributable tokens is 100,000,000.

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