Blocto Launchpad on Flow Blockchain: First Project Is Starly

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Blocto Launchpad on Flow Blockchain: First Project Is Starly
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Blocto unveiled the details of the project as well as released the timeline and details regarding the token sale.

On Tuesday, January 11, Blocto, an all-in-one cross-chain smart contract wallet, announced the launch of its first launchpad on the Flow blockchain. The official announcement reads:

“We are thrilled to announce that the 1st launchpad on the Flow Blockchain has been successfully established according to our DAO voting result. Our 1st project will be Starly — a launchpad and marketplace for creators who build economies around their gamified NFT collections.”

In the announcement, Blocto has also unveiled the entire sale timeline. It includes details like the Staking, the KYC Preparation Period, choosing launchpad pool period, purchase period, and distribution period.

The launchpad public sale for $STARLY shall happen in two different pools: 1) Standard pool: 100,000 tUSDT. 2) Unlimited pool: 100,000 tUSDT.

The native token for $STARLY holds a conversion rate of 1 $STARLY= 0.8 tUSDT. The Standard Pool will have a maximum staking limit of 1500 $BLT. On the other hand, there’s no staking limit for the unlimited pool. However, 10 $BLTwill be required as admission fee to enter this Unlimited Pool.

Blocto Launchpad and Starly

Blockto is al all-in-one smart contracts wallet offering seamless unified experience in one all-encompassing platform. It has a built-in DEX BloctoSwap, developer-friendly SDK, non-custodial NFT marketplace BloctoBay as well as a seamless cross-chain investing platform Blocto Launchpad. the platform has a very low user on-boarding time of just 30 seconds.

Blocto token ($BLT) is the governance and utility token for Blocto. This has served as the foundation of the ecosystem as well as the interconnective link between the wallet, Blocto-made products, and our users. The announcement notes:

“The ecosystem expands exponentially with improved interoperability built upon our innovative contract wallet architecture and brings blockchain to market mass adoption empowered by the $BLT tokenomics.”

Starly serves as a launchpad and marketpad for gamified NFT collections. It provides content creators with an end-to-end solution for launching and selling their own gamified NFT collections to fans and followers.

Fans own, trade and sell these NFTs to bring their relationships with the creators to the next level, to represent interests and values they stand for and to turn it all into a profitable and exciting experience.

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