Pseudonymous Blur CEO ‘Pacman’ Reveals Real Identity

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Pseudonymous Blur CEO ‘Pacman’ Reveals Real Identity
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Since it went live in October, Blur has been attracting customers and has also found a way to keep the customer base.

The CEO of NFT marketplace Blur, Pacman, has eventually revealed his true identity since the company launched in October 2022. The 24-year-old entrepreneur took to Twitter on February 22 to unveil his person, posting a picture of himself. The formerly pseudonymous Blue CEO came out with his real identity at a time when real identity declarations remain a controversial subject.

Who Is Blur CEO?

In the Twitter thread, the Blur CEO, whose name is Tieshun Roquerre, said he contemplated whether to dox or build the platform incognito. He later went with advice to initially conceal his identity to doxx later on. Pacman also talked about how he had to doxx in private calls for trust or other reasons. Noting why he had to step into the light and reveal his identity as Blur CEO, Roquerre wrote:

“Now that Blur’s community has grown exponentially, I don’t have capacity for as many 1:1 calls as I used to. It’s time to share my identity publicly.”

The CEO also told The Block that he had never been rigid about hiding himself since Blur launched a few months ago. He explained how he preferred to use Pacman to represent the brand, knowing that he would eventually reveal his true identity. The young entrepreneur acknowledged that someone else would have exposed him if he had not taken it upon himself.

Since it went live in October, Blur has been attracting customers and has also found a way to keep the customer base. One way the NFT marketplace has successfully secured users is the scheduled airdrop tokens to constant traders and returning users. Ahead of the CEO reveal, Blur recently earned the unicorn title at a billion-dollar valuation during discussions with potential investors.

Blur Rivals OpenSea

Blur has positioned itself as a major rival to the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea. The competition between the two has intensified, causing OpenSea to eliminate the 2.5% fee on sales and cut down creator loyalty protections. Meanwhile, Blur does not charge traders marketplace fees. As a matter of fact, the new marketplace airdropped its BLUR token to NFT traders last week. According to data compiled by DappRadar, the volume of Ethereum NFT transactions attributed to Blur in the last seven days increased by 364.67%

The Blur CEO wrote a summary of his journey, noting that he dropped out of high school at 17. He then joined Y Combinator’s accelerator program, after which he attended MIT to study Mathematics with Computer Science. Afterward, Roquerre received the Thiel Fellowship, a prize gift of $10,000 initiated by venture capitalist Peter Thiel. Pacman started Namebase after receiving the Thiel Fellowship but sold the decentralized domain name tracker to Namecheap in 2021.

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