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Bluzelle 2.0 – The Past, Present and Future of the Creator Economy

May 27th, 2021 at 1:35 pm UTC · 7 min read

Bluzelle 2.0 - The Past, Present and Future of the Creator Economy

We’ve seen a lot in the three years since Bluzelle started. In the past twelve months we’ve witnessed the rise of three trends:

  1. DeFi as a true alternative to the existing financial systems.
  2. The emergence of NFTs as a way to manage intellectual property.
  3. The distancing of publishing from the incumbents because of censorship concerns.

Bluzelle sees the above as signs of a mega trend: the emergence of the creator economy through decentralization.

Creators are artists, musicians, scientists, developers, mathematicians or financiers  –  they are all using crypto and blockchain technology to create new products where they have control.

With its own 10,000 TPS blockchain, multiple modules and a validator network, Bluzelle is evolving beyond the database to full decentralized storage, including data, files and more. Many projects were asking for certain features and that we could quickly accommodate and make Bluzelle bigger than before and bring greater utility to the network.

We have now entered Bluzelle 2.0.

Bluzelle as a decentralized storage layer is the blood for this creator economy. Bluzelle gives creators the ability to store their intellectual property in a way that’s secure, always available and censorship resistant.

To celebrate moving to Bluzelle 2.0, we did a redesign of the Bluzelle brand. The name stays the same but the brand shows growth to fully support the creator economy. This post will introduce the following:

  1. The brand redesign to reflect this new path.
  2. Evolution of Bluzelle to be more than a database.
  3. Bluzelle’s storage solution is the home for NFTs.
  4. The multi-month incentivized network utility program, Call of Data.
  5. Delivering Defi for BLZ holders
  6. What’s being released next

The Brand Redesign

Nothing rests. Everything is a remix.

What is old is new again. This happens time and time again. From music to art to fashion. Science, math and finance is a remix of the past to create something new and innovative.

We mixed up portraits of the most relevant scientists in our history with physics-inspired graphics, memes and data-visualization aesthetics. The result? A perfect remix: the sweet spot between the science and creativity living inside Bluzelle, a convergence of the past and the future.

This explains why our brand features images in the public domain, like renaissance portraits of famous scientists adapted to Bluzelle’s aesthetic. These sorts of art-historical images represent the network being under public control.

Creative and Free, But Educational andRebellious.

Of course, we couldn’t visually neglect the fact that Bluzelle is data, storage and infrastructure. Therefore, a solid technological presence had to be included. This is reflected in the dotted swarms representing data to accompany the other visual elements that are present, sometimes colourfully.

Logo and Icon Redesign

In the previous logo version, all connections were pointing to the centre of the circle as the main element. The redesign focuses on each connection, highlighting the importance of the individual dots and reinforcing the idea of decentralized storage.

The new icon redesign includes a lightning silhouette and the letters B, L, Z. The bolt symbolises the idea of an endless exchange of information happening at lightning speed. We also changed the line’s directions so they are now interconnected instead of pointing towards the centre circle.

Web 3.0 Belongs to the Creators.

Developers, musicians, artists and scientists now have the means to control their creations and keep them secure and always available.

More Than a Database

We started as a decentralized database but have grown to be so much more. The biggest addition is file storage to Bluzelle. Demand was there, especially with NFTs – which we will explain further in this post. Point is we didn’t need to limit ourselves to data when all the pieces were there to not only do more but do it even better. This is all for one objective – increase utility on the Bluzelle network.

Bluzelle 2.0 is MongoDB + IPFS + Filecoin + ChainLink all in one.

In 2021 Bluzelle rapidly delivered a series of modules:

  • Staking
  • Cross-chain bridges
  • Mainnet databases
  • Oracles
  • And now file storage

We have now connected them all for Bluzelle 2.0. On one platform a creator can get everything they need to build. Whether you are an artist, scientist, defi developer, you will need all the above. Instead of going to multiple places for your infrastructure needs, Bluzelle can provide all in one place. And by adding full EVM support, we are able to support not just Ethereum but also Binance Smart Chain, Polygon and Fantom.

A defi application and a scientist both need to store files and data, get real world data through oracles, and be connected to other chains.

Here is where Bluzelle beats other storage providers:

FeatureOther providersBluzelle
Replication and redundancyYou pay to store on a host. If you want more reliability or backups, you have to pay to store on multiple hosts. You must pay for each and every host. No guarantee is provided.On Bluzelle you pay once and get backups across all nodes for the same price. Simple and straightforward. Bluzelle provides the guarantee your file will always be there for you.
DecentralizationYou select which miners to store on. This leads to centralization.On Bluzelle your data and files are randomly stored across multiple nodes ensuring decentralization.
Retrieval speedYou pay to retrieve your data. Faster you want data, the more you pay. Pay very little and it comes to you very slowly.On Bluzelle all data retrieval is blazing fast. This is because all your data and files are available across all nodes and the info gets to you from the fastest one. Bluzelle doubles as a high speed edge data cache.
High volume downloadsHigh volume downloads are impractical due to limited replication and slow retrieval.On Bluzelle high volume downloads are not only possible but extremely fast. This is because of auto replication across all nodes.

Bluzelle Will Be the Home to NFTs

To best understand why Bluzelle evolved to add file storage is best explained through our work with NFTs. Our work with our partner Mintable revealed we have a superior solution to any other file storage offering.

NFTs can use smart contracts to manage ownership and authentication of the NFT. But the NFT file itself is stored on a centralized system like AWS. This means the NFT can be removed or become unavailable because of single points of failure in centralized systems. One website goes down, and your NFT is useless, possibly forever, and therefore, loses all value. Ownership of something is enforced by current NFT solutions, but there is no assurance the item being owned is even available now or in the future.

Bluzelle stores NFT files over its decentralized storage network, ensuring that it remains secure, always available, and cannot be tampered with. Bluzelle’s blockchain network ensures 100% access to files in a distributed way. The file is replicated across all its validators nodes ensuring it can never be taken away. Bluzelle’s NFT storage solution solves the biggest existing problem with NFT’s.

Over the next weeks we will demonstrate this product with our partners as we onboard more customers.

Call of Data – the Ultimate Data Farming Game

Driving network activity on Bluzelle is our number one objective. Two functions drive developer adoption:

  1. Showing Bluzelle is secure and battle-tested for applications to use as a mainnet.
  2. Having datasets readily available for developers to use and build applications.

Similar to how Defi Apps used yield farming to drive initial user adoption and network activity, Bluzelle is launching Call of Data as an incentivised utility program to drive up storage.

Call of Data is a multi-month competition to engage all BLZ holders to upload data to Bluzelle and yield rewards. Each week there will be up to $10,000 awarded to participants who perform the best, along with other prizes. There will be leaderboards, mini competitions and more.

Call of Data will be a key component in the overall Bluzelle ecosystem. You won’t have to be a developer to participate; we are designing it so everyone in the Bluzelle community can get involved. More details to come next week.

Expanding to DeFi

To restate, the number one objective for Bluzelle is to increase network activity. And with all the solutions described above, Bluzelle 2.0 is a natural place for Defi products to be built and forward that objective. We have a community that is holding, staking, or being an LP for BLZ on Uniswap. It only makes sense to complete the loop and have our products that we build in-house or partner others to do. The first product on the roadmap is a DEX.

Defi on Bluzelle is great for BLZ holders and Defi developers because:

  • Bluzelle offers 10,000 TPS
  • Integration of IBC from Cosmos, Bluzelle seamlessly connects to other chains
  • Top validators are not only interested in staking but also being LPs
  • Superior oracle solution built in

With Bluzelle 2.0, a defi developer can build a great application right away.

What’s Coming Next

Over the next 8 weeks you will see a number of things coming out:

  • Ethereum and EVM support for Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Tomochain, Fantom
  • Mainnet upgrade to Cosmos Stargate bringing about more features
  • Instant interoperability across all Cosmos Chains via IBC
  • Mainnet for Oracles and file storage
  • Call of Data
  • Easy staking and conversion of BLZ tokens via Metamask-style browser plugin
  • First Defi DEX on Bluzelle



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