BONK Price Shoots 13% as Solana-Based Memecoin Lists on Fintech Platform Revolut

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BONK Price Shoots 13% as Solana-Based Memecoin Lists on Fintech Platform Revolut
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BONK’s governing council has passed Revolut’s “Learn and Earn” campaign initiative. The memecoin plans to leverage Revolut’s market presence to expand its user base globally.

In a major development on February 14, European banking fintech Revolut announced the listing of Solana-based memecoin Bonk. Interestingly, the banking giant also plans to run a $1.2 million campaign to educate users and learn about cryptocurrency.

This “Learn and Earn” campaign from Revolut aims to bolster BONK’s user base by a staggering 500,000. BonkDAO, the decentralized autonomous organization powering the Bonk project, emphasized the extensive user base of Revolut, which totals 38 million users across over 50 countries. Capturing just 1.3% of Revolut’s customer base would enable BonkDAO to meet its target of expanding its user base.

The “learn” campaign plan is still pending approval from BONK’s governing council, which manages the project’s treasury of BONK tokens, exceeding $100 million. If approved, the BONK council will allocate 93 billion BONK tokens, valued at $1.2 million, for the learning campaign. As of press time, it seems that the BONK governing council has voted in favor, and the proposal stands as “passed”.

Revolut’s “Learn and Earn” campaign will unfold across two phases! The first phase includes prioritizing BONK’s debut on Revolut to nurture natural expansion. In the second phase, the Learn and Earn initiative will be introduced to enhance user engagement and understanding of the memecoin.

BONK Price Rally and Mainstream Adoption

The news of Revolut listing the BONK token led to a strong rally in the Solana-based memecoin. The price of BONK has shown a favorable trend, reaching $0.00001425. This reflects a 7% surge in the last five hours and a notable 12.6% increase over the past 24 hours, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

The upcoming listing marks another milestone in BONK’s journey towards broader adoption within the cryptocurrency trading landscape. Following its remarkable surge at the end of 2023, where its price soared by 19,000% since November 1st, BONK secured listings on major platforms like Coinbase and Binance.

Originally introduced by Solana blockchain enthusiasts in response to FTX’s November 2022 collapse, BONK emerged as Solana’s prominent meme coin. Additionally, it also serves as an incentive mechanism for various applications on the platform.

Now, Revolut intends to reward its users with BONK tokens as they engage in learning about the token through the app. This will help BONK to further expand its reach and appeal.

Additionally, rumors are circulating about a potential listing of BONK on Robinhood. If true, it will further enhance the memecoin’s accessibility and visibility among mainstream crypto traders.

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