BonusBlock Declares War on Bots in Bid to Boost Web3 User Acquisition

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BonusBlock Declares War on Bots in Bid to Boost Web3 User Acquisition
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Discover how BonusBlock, an AI-driven engagement protocol and marketplace for Web3, tackles the challenge of connecting genuine users with blockchain projects.

The sheer volume of projects and tokens rolling off the web3 production line is creating a cacophonous white noise that makes it difficult for users to identify the best projects and vice versa. Add in the endless chatter emanating from X, Discord, Telegram and YouTube and it’s a wonder anyone can confidently back a horse that ends up crossing the finish line in first place.

This problem goes both ways: if users find it tough to identify great projects, projects find it just as difficult to find – and then onboard – the best users. The faithful sort that turn a small community into a brand or global movement (see Bitcoin’s origin story).

The challenge of acquiring and onboarding high-quality users has become even greater in recent years due to the emergence of bots and mercenaries. As projects know all too well, bots cannot back their vision or promote adoption of their services via word of mouth. While mercenaries are only out to line their pockets, akin to ‘scalpers’ who enrich themselves by selling concert tickets at ludicrously inflated prices.

One project aiming to address these critical issues is BonusBlock, a first-of-its-kind AI-driven engagement protocol and specialized marketplace built by and for Web3. Created to connect genuine, active users with blockchain projects, it is set to launch its native $BONUS token on April 2.

A Fresh Take on Community-Building

BonusBlock enables users to accrue rewards for their on-chain endeavors, with these rewards generated from fees paid by projects using its marketplace. The marketplace functions as a kind of digital bazaar, where projects can locate the sort of users – based on deep analysis of wallet activity provided by BonusBlock – that their project needs.

By offering protocol developers and projects an opportunity to identify and onboard valuable DeFi users, and in turn motivating these people to interact with their products or services, BonusBlock is analogous to a Web3 Cupid. Only this Cupid is less preoccupied with love and more concerned with facilitating a deep level of engagement within the crypto space.

As mentioned, one of BonusBlock’s USPs is the granular data it compiles on users through its leveraging of sophisticated AI and blockchain analytics. In essence, wallets are given a grade based on the diversity of their assets, the frequency and nature of the user’s activity (trading, farming, selling, staking, etc), the value of their portfolio, and much else. This panoramic approach ensures only valuable DeFi users are identified and spotlighted, distinguishing them from mercenaries, bots, dormant wallets etc.

Although many members of the crypto community are naturally wary of being surveilled in this manner, BonusBlock’s robust rewards model provides a counterweight to such circumspection. Moreover, by providing users with the necessary tools to verify their wallet quality and gain exposure to valuable projects, the platform actually helps them prove their own trustworthiness.

BonusBlock is already finding favor with the crypto community: its recent launch of a pre-ambassador program on loyalty-building platform Zealy saw over 1,000 pre-ambassadors onboard ahead of the full ambassador program.

The Value of Dedicated Onboarding

By evaluating all manner of wallet interactions, BonusBlock provides rich insights into user activities, such as the frequency of NFT minting or liquidity provision. As such, niche protocols can identify those people who already participate in the kind of activities they offer: gaming dApps can connect with gamers, liquidity pools with LPs, and so on.

Despite work on BonusBlock only starting last year, it has achieved several impressive milestones already, amassing a user base of one million, of which 140,000 are MAUs. Moreover, the platform has completed four million on-chain transactions and attracted over 11 institutional clients, among them finance-focused blockchain Injective and consumer-friendly L1 XION. Further partnerships are said to be in the pipeline.

BonusBlock Set Closed Record-Breaking IDOs

In March 2023, BonusBlock sold out various IDOs on Eclipse Finance and ApeTermina, giving their passionate community a chance to own tokens before their TGE on April 2. These tokens unlock various utilities within the platform, including access to the marketplace, exposure to blue-chip projects, and the ability to earn fees and yield on project-funded activities.

With its user-centric approach, the AI-driven BonusBlock could well become a serious player, particularly if it can help web3 projects scale up and find their crowd.

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