BOSO TOKYO to Promote Japanese Culture to World Using NFT Avatars

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BOSO TOKYO to Promote Japanese Culture to World Using NFT Avatars

Boso Tokyo says that its NFT avatar initiative will ensure user metaverse identity is preserved while promoting Japanese-inspired artform.

BOSO TOKYOo is a generative avatar project that helps to create an identity brand for the emerging metaverse. This brand identity will ensure that users are not lost in the boundless haze of numerous metaverse applications working in tandem. BOSO TOKYO is necessary because although the metaverse is a digital environment susceptible to duplications and alterations, its universe lacks identity. This lack of identity further creates potential user identity loss when the individual crosses over to another existing metaverse due to the inability to transfer credit information.

The BOSO TOKYO non-fungible token (NFT) avatars seek to provide some stability by inserting branded avatars into the metaverse. In addition, these branded avatars would function the way user website domains do for created websites.

The BOSO TOKYO NFT avatars will sell with a unique artwork designed by leading Japanese illustrator Hidetaka Tenjin. There would also be top-notch 3D data as well as avatars for metaverse traversal.

The BOSO  initiative seeks to cater to a very specific class of users. The team believes that the initiative is only for those who believe in the teeming possibilities of the metaverse, and want more excitement and freedom. BOSO plans to expose these metaverse believers to Japanese creators and culture. The team wants to create a brand, opportunity, and community at an unprecedented level.

BOSO TOKYO is inspired by the “BOSOZOKU” Japanese biker gangs, which the team sees as “symbols of freedom”. The underlying meaning of “BOSOZOKU” suggests that the initiative views every one of its community members as invaluable.

Boso Tokyo Roadmap

BOSO TOKYO claims to already be in collaboration with leading names in the crypto and Web3 space as it looks to promote Japanese culture globally. In addition, the initiative has an outlined roadmap that serves as an overarching guidepost to its vision. The listed core objectives include revving up the cold engine, which refers to Boyo Tokyo’s staking system. Also covered in the platform’s blueprint is unlimited and unrestricted commercial use rights. This means that owners of the NFTs designed by Hidetaka Tenjin will be able to perform several potential revenue-earning schemes using their digital assets. These include usage in advertisements and also renting them out.

Also listed as a core tenet in the roadmap is limitless access to the community for NFT holders. In addition, NFT holders will be eligible to vote and also receive numerous benefits.

To commemorate its launch, BOSO TOKYO NFT giveaway is happening right now, check out the details here for a chance to win a BOSO TOKYO NFT by completing a few simple tasks.

Team Members

The BOSO TOKYO team comprises the already-mentioned Hidetaka Tenjin, who also illustrates for Star Wars and Gundam Fan Group. In addition to being an illustrator, Tenjin is also a designer and image board artist.

Another core member of the team is Afromance, who designs BOSO TOKYO’s overall creative design. The team also has Hisashi Oki, the brain behind the platform’s ideology and manifesto.

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