Brave Browser Will Pay You Bitcoin For Viewing Its Ads

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Brave Browser Will Pay You Bitcoin For Viewing Its Ads
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Mozilla’s ex-CEO, Brendan Eich, has unveiled a new bitcoin-based system for its adblocking browser that offers a new method of dealing with advertisers’ content.

Brave has announced the integration of a new micropayments system that will pay users in bitcoin for watching ads that were approved by the browser. Dubbed Brave Ledger, the system will also let users to donate their money for websites they prefer to visit.

Brave was launched by Mozilla’s former chief executive, Brendan Eich, in January. Like the widely used Adblock Plus, the  content-filtering extension blocks ads from being displayed on certain websites. The extension was designed to improve users’ web experience by making it safer and faster.

The browser, which is available on Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac, and Android, currently works in two regimes: ad-free and ad-replacement.

For the ad blocking mode of the browser, users can optionally pay websites in digital currency stored in their wallets or obtained by viewing replacement ads. Once the funds are transferred, Brave will create a list of your top 10 websites by weighted average. The system will calculate the payments and websites visited, after what the sum will be divided between every website owner.

The browser’s preferences panel will enable users to choose websites that should be supported. Furthermore, they will be able to adjust their own weight for certain websites. For instance, you might remove particular websites or set equal payment for each of your top 10 websites.

Ad-replacement mode is activated after Brave gets payment from publishers that want for their ads to be shown. “Once an ad campaign is reconciled and our advertising partners pay us, the total views from the ad-replacement users are aggregated into a weighted list for publishers,” the company said in a blog post.

The developers, user and ad-matching partner will receive a payment of 15% each, while the remaining revenue of 55% will be given to publishers.

After users get their revenue share, they can either donate the money to their favorite websites or send the funds to another digital wallet. To take the funds out of the Brave wallet, they will have to go through a verification process and provide their email and phone number. Meantime, publishers will also have to prove their identities to receive the payment, but the process will be much stricter and will depend on the size of the publisher.

“One of the nice features of the ad-free model is that accounting is entirely transparent – everyone (users and publishers) can examine the BTC blockchain and see the transfers going to and from the Brave Software escrow accounts,” the company noted.

In order to be approved by the Brave system, ads have to comply with the requirements of not tracking users or slowing down a site’s load time.

According to the developers, they are planning to introduce further changes to the code after getting users feedback.

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