‘I Will Not Step Down,’ Said New Bitcoin Foundation Director Brock Pierce

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‘I Will Not Step Down,’ Said New Bitcoin Foundation Director Brock Pierce
Newly elected Bitcoin Foundation director Brock Pierce has broken his silence. Photo: AtomsToBits/Twitter

Brock Pierce has written to his fellow board members at the Bitcoin Foundation to declare his innocence against sex abuse allegations dating back 14 years, which have resurfaced and fueled tension within the digital-currency advocacy group.

US entrepreneur and a former child actor, Brock Pierce,  was recently elected as a new Bitcoin Foundation director.  Mr. Pierce has removed detractors’ allegations, he wrote a new letter addressed to the other members of the organization’s board of directors.

A letter stated that he didn’t like the wave that followed the election however he would not step down from the Bitcoin Foundation board.

Moreover, he pointed out that it would not be “rational, prudent or warranted” to leave the spot just because of “hateful and uninformed chatter on bitcoin forums”.

Furthermore, Brock Pierce added: “It would set a bad precedent for the Foundation, rewarding those who make scurrilous accusations and engage in character assassination, often anonymously.”

“A resignation also could be perceived as an admission of guilt and I am guilty of nothing and have never been convicted, or even charged, with a crime.”

In addition, if Brock left the board it would worsen his and his team’s efforts to bring back to life the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox and also pay back the compensation to its customers.

Brock believed that those people willing to dismiss him had ulterior motives to resist Bock’s plans regarding the rehabilitation and promote their own plans.

Brock Denies Allegations

In the letter, Brock approved previous denials of accusations raised against him. He mentioned that problems had been looked into by federal authorities but that didn’t result in anything.

He wrote: “Despite a full investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office, the FBI and the State of California into the allegations, I was never charged with anything whatsoever by anyone and was cleared of any wrongdoing.”

In the letter, Brock specified that lawsuit brought against him was resolved. Moreover he mentioned that other lawsuits against old business partners do not involve him.

Brock Addresses Resignations

Additionally, the letter covered the fact that a less than a dozen foundation members cancelled their annual membership right after the election.

Brock was concerned about the fact that the resignations of Charlie Shrem or Mark Karpeles did not result in similar reactions:

“I am at a loss to explain why they would do so now and not after Mr. Karpeles allowed Mt. Gox to implode or Mr. Shrem was indicted. I am saddened and angered by this.”

Brock Pierce  joined the Bitcoin Foundation board of directors earlier this month. Brock and two of his partners were facing litigations alleging sexual abuse, but he was eventually justified after a new lawsuit was filed.

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