Co-Founder Brock Pierce Announces He’s Joining 2020 U.S. Presedential Elections

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Popular blockchain inventor and founder of Tether, Brock Pierce has declared his intention to run for the president of the United States of America in the upcoming elections.

Brock Pierce, a reputable icon in the blockchain ecosystem has declared his intention to run for the presidency of the United States of America. His decision comes after popular music legend Kanye West also made his intentions known. Brock Pierce will be running as an independent and hopes to provide the competition close enough to unseat incumbent President Donald Trump as is the desire of other formidable candidates like former Vice-President Joe Biden.

The political atmosphere ahead of the 2020 United States Presidential elections has been a polarizing one. The capacity of President Donald Trump has been touted by the Democrats in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The COVID-19 situation has also brought suggestions on the need to postpone the upcoming election but the idea has met with much resistance which has led to the resolve to accept votes by email. With Brock Pierce joining the train of candidates, much will be unraveled as to how much of influence and popularity his controversial personal life and career will help him achieve.


Brock Pierce was born in Minnesota on November 14, 1980, and he is an American entrepreneur known for his work in the cryptocurrency industry. Brock Pierce has always been in the limelight from childhood where he appeared in Disney Films, The Mighty Ducks (1992), and also featured in the comedy movie First Kid (1996). His early rise to stardom has impacted his future engagements and investment.

Brock Pierce is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with an extensive track record of founding, advising, and investing in disruptive businesses. He’s credited with pioneering the market for digital currency and has raised more than $5B for companies he has founded. Pierce is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and co-founder of EOS Alliance,, Blockchain Capital, Tether, and Mastercoin (first ICO).

In 2017, Pierce co-founded which sold over $4B tokens in the EOS crowd sale, making it the largest ever. He also co-founded Blockchain Capital in 2013, making it the first sector-focused venture fund that invests solely in Blockchain technology companies. Pierce led the firm through the first ICO of a venture fund, which created the first security token. Blockchain Capital has made more than 100 investments in the sector across its four funds. The firm was named the most active FinTech Venture Fund by Pitchbook. In 2014, Brock founded Tether, the first stablecoin an asset-backed token.

Pierce is an early investor in Bitcoin and one of the largest investors in the Ethereum crowd sale. He is the founder of IMI Exchange, the world’s leading digital currency marketplace for games, with annual sales exceeding $1B and investors such as Goldman Sachs, which was sold in 2016 for more than $100M. Pierce founded ZAM, one of the world’s largest media properties for gamers, which was acquired by Tencent in 2012. He founded IGE, the pioneer of digital currency in online games, achieving revenues exceeding $100 million in 2006 and sold in 2007.

Brock Pierce Joins Elections

While the majority of attention has been focused on Republican Donald Trump and Democrat’s Joe Biden, the emergence of Brock Pierce in the elections has been received with mixed reactions. On his twitter page, some of the commenters have pledged their support while others see the intention as a joke.

As candidates emerge for the presidential elections, the potential impact of independents cannot be discounted in elections. As the months unfold, we would learn whether Brock Pierce has what it takes to match up with President George Washington’s legacy, the only president elected as an independent to date.

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