Find Your Community: Build Your Reality and Find Your Place in the Metaverse with Kizumi

November 18th, 2022 at 11:16 am UTC · 4 min read

Find Your Community: Build Your Reality and Find Your Place in the Metaverse with Kizumi
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As blockchain technology inches closer to widespread adoption, more platforms and communities are being created to bring people together in this new space and get involved. These niched groups provide a place wherein community members can discuss and build a community for the same interest.

The Kizumi brand, however, provides a community for people who share the same grit, passion, and perseverance in working to become their best selves. The brand holds these values and shares them with the community members. The aim is to provide a welcoming environment for people of all backgrounds and levels of experience. The community Kizumi will foster is a platform that community members have the power to shape: whether it will be to offer educational resources, a place for intellectual discussions, a way to connect with others in the industry, or just a place for community members to raise their legs and enjoy the company of others.

Kizumi: The Community and The Clubhouse

Kizumi is a brand that shares the value of community and camaraderie with its members. The community is a connection of people with similar interests, ambitions, and passions. The brand offers a space for its members to find like-minded individuals and create deeper connections.

As a true metaverse community, the community gathers on Discord and provides a platform that allows users to create and share content, from text posts to photos and videos. Kizumi is where people can express themselves and their creativity without any restrictions.

The conceptualization of the brand was formed in a similar fashion. A group of friends who were just hanging out and having dinner started to think of ways to grow their group organically with people who share their values and interests in sports, finance, video games, anime, crypto, and so on.

Knowing that people with similar outlooks in life exist all over the world, the group collectively decided to create a space within the metaverse where people could freely connect with others on a community level, wherever they may be. Kizumi provides a place to share stories and experiences of community members on their journey to their best selves.

Kizumi believes that having a solid community is key to shaping the metaverse. The brand envisions a supportive, benevolent and genuine community; built on trust, respect, and collaboration, a web3 community that is enjoyable by like-minded community members.

This community congregates in what they call The Clubhouse. This exclusive token-gated community allows members access to exclusive events, information, and early updates of plans. Kizumi blurs the lines between the meta and physical worlds in this metaverse clubhouse. Community members would hang out with their meta-friends and build a new reality together.

How to Join The Clubhouse

Kizumi is all about building community and connecting in the metaverse. Being a member of The Clubhouse opens opportunities both in the meta and physical world. Accessing The Clubhouse includes a chance to interact with the core members and founders and other like-minded people sharing similar passions and ambitions in life.

The holder of a Kizumi Avatar NFT would be granted access to The Clubhouse and the exclusive perks available only to members. Kizumi believes that NFTs allow people to create their reality in the metaverse uniquely and express their creativity.

In 2023, the Kizumi brand will open its doors to community members as it drops its first NFT collection. The Solana-based profile-photo NFT art collection will have 10,000 pieces.

About Kizumi

Kizumi is a Web3 brand that highlights the importance of a community where members can find their reality in the metaverse. It is a social club where people with the same interests and aspirations come and build the community together.

The Kizumi brand will release its first NFT PFP collection in 2023. The collection is limited to only 10,000. Community members get a chance to get whitelist spots when completing activities within the community.

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