BurnX: A New HyperDeflationary Token Ready to Revolutionize the Crypto Industry with Its Unique Token Burn Rules

Place/Date: - October 23rd, 2021 at 8:19 am UTC · 3 min read
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BurnX: A New HyperDeflationary Token Ready to Revolutionize the Crypto Industry with Its Unique Token Burn Rules
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BurnX is the latest in a long series of innovative HyperDeflationary tokens intended to excite investors with their unique characteristics. BurnX is the next revolutionary HyperDeflationary token in the crypto market. Thanks to its lucrative smart contracts and high liquidity, it is presently the most popular yield generating token on the Binance Smart Chain.

Its one-of-a-kind bespoke contract maintains a burn fund, which contains a significant portion of the BurnX token supply and is used for manual burns over five days. As a consequence, the price floor of BurnX continues to rise daily.

Already they have achieved a 54% supply burn in just 4 days, giving BurnX the true HyperDeflationary nature. Each BurnX transaction generates an average of 8% in MANUAL and AUTO BURNS, performed every 12 hours. Its unique intelligent contracts redistribute 2% of every transaction as a reflection to holders of its native token without additional transaction fees.

The Manual Burn Feature

45 percent of the entire BurnX supply will be assigned to the burn fund, and 7.5 percent of the total supply will be manually burned every 12 hours, amounting to a total of 15% daily burn. These massive manual burns will keep the token price rising for the first three days after the BurnX launch.

The Auto Burn Feature

The most innovative approach of BurnX is the auto burn feature that automatically sends 8% of every buy/sell transaction to a burn address.

The token burn is a process in which a crypto platform removes currencies from circulation to prevent them from becoming worthless. To put it another way, coin burn is the act of burning a coin such that it can no longer be used for any purpose (trading or otherwise). The asset will be sent to a specialized address whose private keys are not accessible to anyone. Furthermore, developers also make the proof-of-burn algorithm available to the market to enable cross-verification of results.

By combining the manual and automated burning feature in its smart contracts, BurnX has taken the concept of token burn to another level, making it a tangible fiery token whose price is set to skyrocket in the minimum possible time.

BurnX is developed and maintained by a dedicated, trusted, and reliable team of cryptocurrency experts. Their hard work has been proved by the fact that in so little time after being online, the token has been listed on CoinMarketCap, which has some of the most stringent rules for a cryptocurrency to be listed. They are working on its listing on CoinGecko, too, which will be achieved soon.

BurnX has a total supply of 100,000, with the burn fund of 45,000 locked in the contract. Its starting market cap will be 450,000 to 500,000, with a low starting price of $4.6 to $5. With such attractive token figures, BurnX is expected to quickly reach its market cap, with many investors showing their interest in this highly profitable cryptocurrency platform.

The security compliance of the BurnX platform has been audited by @TrynosTokenTerminal, which is well known for its tight security policy and very low tolerance to security gaps.

BurnX employs taxes per transaction as:

  • Buy Tax: 15% – Slippage 16-18%
  • Sell Tax: 15% – Slippage 16-18%

Users who want to invest can do so through this Custom Made Unique Contract: 0xd24a388f61cfe76e0cc842f23eb6d3d2243d9d2f

With such a unique tokenomics and its first-of-its-kind Burnenomics, BurnX is destined to allow its investors all-time high profits and distinguish it from its competitors in the industry.

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