BuyBitcoin24 – Consulting24 Launches Comparison Domain for Filtering Out Unreliable Exchanges

Place/Date: - July 15th, 2020 at 2:55 pm UTC · 3 min read
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BuyBitcoin24 – Consulting24 Launches Comparison Domain for Filtering Out Unreliable Exchanges

Amid all the chaos for finding a genuine crypto exchange, the launch of by Consulting24 is definitely a huge success. This time, the company has brought this comparison domain for all the individuals who have been facing trouble deciding about which exchange to go with when wanting to buy bitcoin or sell bitcoin.

It could really turn out to be a hastily experience instead of waiting for weeks researching about the perks and limitation of different exchanges when using the comparison domain. The domain outlines all the crucial details of the top three exchanges and allows users to make an instant decision, without waiting for days.

To further explain the goals of this new launch, Mardo Soo, the CEO of both the companies said,

“We as a team of professionals understand various tenacity of unreliable exchanges to lure users to sign up for their insecure platforms. And, with the launch of this domain, we have tried to put a full stop to those desires of such businesses. The comparison domain will effortlessly eliminate the choices that pose any sort of threat to the users. Providing individuals with safe and secure networks to transact their bitcoins.”

The domain provides comparison from the top three exchanges outlining the various details such as exchange fees, supported currencies, payment methods, countries of operation, trading volume, and much more. All these details are really helpful in the selection process of exchanges.

BuyBitcoin24 - Consulting24 Launches Comparison Domain for Filtering Out Unreliable Exchanges

Mardo Soo, CEO at Consulting24 & BuyBitcoin24

Why Consulting24 Came Up with This Idea of Starting Comparison Domain?

Who would know it better than the experts themselves? team has been working for long to help blockchain clients form their own companies in Estonia, the country where the firm is headquartered itself. It has obtained over 300 licenses so far and has helped over 100 clients with their corporation in Estonia under the blockchain niche. While doing so, the team did find a few challenges making the entire process difficult and daunting.

And, in the lieu of different challenges customers usually face, the presence of unreliable exchanges makes the job even tougher within the blockchain niche. Over 1000 exchanges, each promising the world to the users, may not be the same in terms of the safety of offerings. In such a case, researching each individually isn’t a feasible option.

That is why the team realized a need for a comparison domain. And, here we have BuyBitcoin24. The domain helping users compare the various parameters from the exchange fee to payment method support in order to find a reliable exchange.

Is Comparison Domain Essential in Order to Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, it is very crucial to know in-depth details of the exchange you wish to use to buy bitcoin.

Mardo Soo said,

“People lose their hard-earned money when using fake and illegally formed exchanges. Some may lose their entire life savings. And, for what reason? Not being able to find the right exchange. If that matters so much, why not compare the different options until you find the reliable one.”

Users can buy bitcoin and transact through their digital currencies. However, what makes their transactions safer is reliable exchanges. And, if it is so easy to look for the right one, why not access BuyBitcoin24 prior to making any decision rather than making a random selection?