BUY&SELL to Revolutionize the Way People Exchange Goods, Business Social Network Included

January 24th, 2018 at 11:59 am UTC · 3 min read

After the release of Bitcoin on the ICO the world was swept by the cryptocurrency mania. Now, there are already thousands of cryptocurrencies and about a thousand of cryptocurrencies have been launched on the ICO.

But only some of them have innovations in their implementation, most of them just duplicate the functionality of Bitcoin or other popular cryptocurrency. Many of the people who succumbed to the wave of excitement do not realize that the blockade is a technology that has much more potential than crypto-currencies.

Due to the fact that checking the addition of a new link (making changes to the common database) is checked by each node independently, unauthorized data modification is a very difficult task. To do this, you will have to spend more resources than you can profit.

The developers of the classified platform of a new style, called BUY & SELL, decided to use exactly these features of the blockchain. In terms of its functionality, it will resemble the classical classified, but keeping all the announcements and operations about buying and selling in a blockchain gives a lot of advantages.

The use of the blockchain technology and smart contracts will reduce at times the amount of fraud in comparison with modern popular sites. You can completely eliminate those situations when the buyer pays the good but does not receive it.

At the moment, the buyers are protected only by the seller’s rating, which is not a guarantee of his honesty. On the other hand, this system makes the bona fide sellers to suffer from the buyers, who are often blackmailing them, threatening with a bad rating.

In addition, on such platforms, the start of work for the new seller is incredibly difficult due to lack of rating, and accordingly low trust. All these problems are solved by the developers of the BUY & SELL platform.

Also, the blockchain technology allows you to track changes in descriptions of goods, which makes it possible to resolve any disputes related to a lack of correspondence of the received goods with the declared characteristics of that good. In such a system, you can track the history of any product sold on this site ever.

The calculations within the BUY & SELL system will be conducted with a help of an inner BAS cryptocurrency. The balance of the BAS tokens can be replenished thanks to the classic methods of payment, for example by credit card or by any other cryptocurrency. Also, BAS tokens can be easily sold or bought on external exchanges.

In addition, the platform includes a convenient social network for businessmen where all counter-parties can communicate among themselves and a self-learning system for finding proposals suitable to the buyer who uses Big Data technologies to analyze the activity of users in the system and social networks.

The modern market is much more complicated than the primitive exchange of goods. Since the inception of market relations, it has passed a long enough path of development. A lot of discoveries were made. The state of the market accurately reflects the state and level of development of civilization.

We can confidently say that we are on the verge of a new breakthrough thanks to such technologies as blockchain, cryptocurrency, Big Data, self-learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The classified like BUY&SELL is the future of market relations and the face of our digital civilization.

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