Caizcoin Launches a Brand New Website to Bridge the Gap Between Islamic Financing and Global Finance Systems

August 27th, 2021 at 12:54 pm UTC · 3 min read

 Caizcoin Launches a Brand New Website to Bridge the Gap Between Islamic Financing and Global Finance Systems

Integrating advanced blockchain with Islamic principles, Caizcoin has stepped up its game by launching a new website that contains a newly formulated whitepaper and other necessary information that would impact the team’s vision in a better way. The advancements are also anticipated to improve the user interaction with the platform and provide them with necessary financial solutions that comply with Islamic principles. 

The team behind Caizcoin has envisioned an Islamic DeFi platform that offers financial freedom to investors from all around the world and keeps them safe from the adversities of the volatile crypto space. Its mission is to allow every investor to participate in the profitable cryptocurrency world while complying with the moral virtues reflected in the Islamic banking system. The developers have aimed to revolutionize the current state of crypto operations and set higher standards for upcoming platforms. This out-of-the-box initiative would enable the Muslim ummah along with all the other investors to enjoy financial profits in a secure digital environment that was previously almost impossible. Islamic banking rules and regulations are pretty rigid, and no platform has yet tried to encompass the ethical norms in their ecosystem. 

Caizcoin was created back in 2018 by Caiz Holding AG and a group of developers who aimed to do a financial service to bring utility in the financial world.  The Caiz group is a subsidiary of CaizHolding AG based in Cham, Switzerland. Through targeted investments and active influence, the company focuses on driving innovative initiatives to create sustainable economic and social value.

“Caiz” is synonymous with the Arabic word “Jaiz,” which means legitimate, permissible, or confident. Caizcoin adheres to Islamic values and ethics by building an innovative blockchain-based financial solution compliant with global economic norms and regulations. Its background and culture are based on ethical and customary values embodying justice, honesty, trust, safety, transparency, fairness, compassion, and harmony. It also adheres to contemporary values like freedom, open-mindedness, independence, equitability, internationality, innovation, and digitalization. All these features and aspects of Caizcoin make it a great choice to be adopted for mainstream financial operations. 

On the technical side, Caizcoin is ready to surpass all its competitors. Caizchain (the platform’s native blockchain) is induced with high functioning abilities that offer great transaction speed, a distributed ledger, low transaction costs, and an advanced consensus algorithm. Caizcoin’s API is highly intuitive and helps in the easy flow of user interaction. It simplifies operations and converts the complex Caizchain data into actionable and understandable information for users to access. The team has devised Caiz tokens in such a way that they boost transactions and rapid connection of the crypto community. The owners of this Muslim cryptocurrency-Caiz tokens, will trade them anytime on the global exchange and become liquidity providers for the pools. Furthermore, a hyper-secure wallet is also ensuring maximum security of data and details of tokens. It will allow users to process uncomplicated, hassle-free transactions. 

With all these fantastic attributes, Caizcoin is moving forward at a great pace and will soon become a leading platform in the crypto world. The platform’s team has dramatically emphasized that their ecosystem is for everyone and is not confused due to its compliance with traditional Islamic virtues. Any investor looking for a secure service can get associated with Caizcoin as bringing diverse communities together and establishing a borderless platform is a significant part of the team’s mission.    

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